How to Loop a Video on iPad – Full Guide

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How to Loop a Video on iPad.

Watching an energy-packed, fun video might sound exciting. But watching the best piece again and again sounds more interesting, right? We all love to watch our favorite shows again and again.

It may be a specific episode of a particular show, our own recorded video, a video from our loved ones, or maybe a cartoon video for our children to watch.

No matter the purpose, you should know how to loop a video on iPad if you want to play the video repetitively without touching the screen. Looping a video on an iPad is as easy as looping a video on iPhone

In today’s blog, you will learn exactly how to do it within minutes.

What is a looping video on an iPad?

Lopping means making something go repeatedly. In the case of looping a video in an iPad, it means you want to make some settings for a specific video to play repeatedly without having to touch the screen.

Once you set a particular video to play on a loop on your iPad, it plays, ends, and plays from the beginning again. You can make it happen pretty easily by implementing some settings on your iPad.

How to loop a video on iPad – Step-by-step guide

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to loop a video on an iPad. Once you are done watching a video on loop, you can stop looping it. More on that later. Let’s begin with the steps right now.

Step 1 – Go to the “Photos” App

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 01

First, turn on your iPad and go to the “Photos” application. Select the video you want to watch on Loop. Tap on the video to open it on the screen.

Step 2 – Add the video to a new album

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 02

Once the video is on the screen, tap on the triple dot icon at the top right corner. Next, a list of options will appear on the screen. Select “Add to Album” from there.

A popup will then appear to ask you to name the Album. Input a name you want to add as the Album title. Then tap on “Save.”

Step 3 – Opt for the “Slideshow” option

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 03

For the next step, open the newly created Album and tap on the Three dot icon. Again, you will see a list of available options. Select “Slideshow” from the list and tap on it.

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 04

Then, on the next screen, tap on the “Options” menu situated at the screen’s bottom right corner.

If you can’t find it immediately, tap on the video screen, and the menu will appear.

Step 4 – Toggle on the “Repeat” option

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 05

At this point, you will see the “Slideshow Options” menu containing different options. Turn on the toggle located by the side of the “Repeat” option by tapping it.

Step 5 – Finish by tapping on “Done”

How to loop a video on iPad - Step-by-step guide 05

Finally, to save the changes, tap on the “Done” option at the screen’s top right corner.

How to stop looping video on iPad?

Stopping the loop video is straightforward. Tap the “Done” option in the top left corner of your iPad screen. It will automatically stop replaying the video.

If you want to permanently turn off the video loop setting, navigate to the “Options” menu and go to the “Repeat” option, following the same process you did to turn it on. Then, turn off the toggle right beside the “Repeat” option by tapping it. Now, the loop video setting on your iPad will turn off.

How to loop a YouTube video on an iPad?

Besides watching a video of your device memory on a loop, you can watch YouTube videos likewise. Follow the steps below to watch a YouTube video on Loop on your iPad.

Here’s how to loop a single YouTube video on iPad:

  • Open YouTube and locate the video that you want to loop.
  • Once you’ve found the video, select it to play it.
  • Then tap on the More (⁝) located in the top right corner of the video screen.
  • This will open a list of options. From there, select the Single Loop option.
  • You will see the loop icon contains “1” in the middle. It means this setting is going to replay one particular video you selected.

Here’s how to make a YouTube playlist play on a loop

Step 1 –  Launch the YouTube app and create a playlist

On your iPad, go to the YouTube app and search for videos you want to watch. Select a video, open it, and tap on the three-dot icon. Next, tap on “Save,” then tap on “Create a new playlist.”

Then, input a name on the “Enter playlist name” field and tap on the “Create” button located at the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

Step 2 – Add more videos to the playlist

Following the same procedure, add more videos to the playlist. For the next ones, you don’t have to create separate playlists. Just add the videos to the playlist you just created.

Step 3 – Loop the playlist

Open the playlist and tap on the loop icon. It will run all the videos in the playlist on a loop.


As you have come this far reading, I hope that you found this guide on how to loop a video on iPad helpful. Perform the simple steps mentioned above to navigate the video looping feature easily.

Comment below and let us know how this guide helped you enjoy your favorite clip simultaneously.

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