How to Loop a Video on iPhone

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How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Let’s talk about how to loop a video on iPhone. Brief videos on social sites are getting maximum attention nowadays. These clips involve trendy activities, and various interesting and useful video tools such as video loops.

The video looping function of trendy videos seems to pick massive acceptance among viewers since Instagram first introduced a new feature called Boomerang. Later on, several other online social platforms brought similar functions in their own video-making apps. In this piece of article, you will get to know how to loop a video on iPhone.

The default video function of the iPhone has limited facilities as far as video loop is concerned. Initially, no other social video sharing platform didn’t have this function too. To fill that gap, Instagram first introduced an interesting feature called Boomerang.

What Instagram offered in Boomerang is that users can add a loop to any portion of their video while keeping the rest of the stream unchanged. Let’s look at how to loop a video on iPhone using Instagram’s Boomerang app.

How to loop a video on iPhone using Instagram stories

boomerang| instagram

You can add a loop function and various other video effects to your Instagram video. This can be done in two ways. Either you can add a loop by installing the Boomerang app on your phone or by using the Boomerang module integrated on Instagram story. Here’s how you can loop video using Instagram stories:

Steps of video looping on iPhone

  • Launch Instagram App
  • Now swipe left to lunch the boomerang mode
  • Tap the infinity symbol at the bottom
  • Apply the loop video effect along with video effects of your preference
  • Once done editing, save and share the story

How to loop a video using TikTok video reverse function

How to Loop a Video on iPhone| tiktok

Following the success of Instagram, several other social apps took a leap at the video reverse effect. One of them is TikTok. TikTok introduced their own video reverse function. To access this function, you first need to import the video to the TikTok app. Below are the steps of how to loop a video on iPhone using TikTok’s dedicated reverse function

Steps of using TikTok’s dedicated reverse video function

  • Record and prepare a video for TikTok
  • Launch TikTok and import the video from the gallery
  • Tap on the Tick to continue with the video effect
  • Tap Effect function at the bottom
  • You will find multiple functions as you swipe from right to left
  • Swipe till the end on Effect, and you will find the Time function
  • Select Time followed by Reverse
  • Clicking on Reverse will start rewinding your video
  • When happy with the video loop effect, Tap Save

Reversing video with Snapchat’s bounce feature

How to Loop a Video on iPhone| snapchat

Let’s learn how to reverse a video on iPhone if you don’t have TikTok or Instagram in it? The answer is Snapchat. This instant chat-based social platform also integrated a video reverse option called bounce feature. The best part of Bounce is its specific video portion reversing function. You can choose a frame to frame within a video for applying the loop effect. This is how you can enjoy the Snapchat Bounce feature:

Steps of implementing Bounce feature

  • Launch Snapchat on your iPhone
  • Create a video with its video recorder
  • Tap twice the loop function, which you can find in the editing interface
  • The loop or bounce function is available at the very end of the vertical toolbar
  • Tapping it twice will give you a bounce slider.
  • You can select the portion of a video using this slider for specific revers action in a video

How to loop a video on iPhone using default app of iPhone

How to Loop a Video on iPhone| default

In the beginning, it was mentioned that iPhone has a limited video looping function. However, there is a way you can hack your phone to make a loop video. You can create a loop video made out of slideshows or live photos. We will explain both processes that may help you answer how to loop a video on iPhone even if you don’t have dedicated apps.

Steps of adding a loop of Live Photos on iPhone

  • Snap a live picture on your iPhone and save it to Photos
  • Locate your Live Picture on the device, followed by tapping the Live tab at the upper left corner of the screen
  • Check on the Loop effect from the drop-down you will find after tapping the Live tab
  • To reverse the loop effect of live photos, tap ‘Bounce’ next to the Loop effect.
  • Tap Save if satisfied with the result

Adding loop function to a slideshow video on iPhone

  • Select a slideshow video from the Photos gallery of your iPhone
  • From your gallery, play the slideshow video and pause it on the way
  • You will find Options next to the Play icon
  • Tap Options, and you will find several functions, including the ‘Repeat’ toggle button
  • Toggle it on and play the video from the album again
  • Now you will see that your slideshow video is repeatedly playing until you intervene


Tips provided above in this blog may help you figure out the mystery of how to loop a video on iPhone. If you want to get more of such useful and interesting life hacks with your iPhone, stick with Xlightmedia. Check out other interesting blogs on our Utility and Productivity section of this site.

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