How to Make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube Video

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Make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube Video

Do you want to create your own custom GIF? What if we tell that there’s a loop technique to make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube videos? We show you a detour to how to make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube video. Of course, it is a passive process, as you cannot download a youtube video directly on your iPhone or iPad. Our tutorial will explain how to record youtube videos passively on your iPhone, followed by creating GIFs from this video.

How to make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube video: All you need

How to Make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube | Screen recorder for iPhone

To make a GIF out of a Youtube video, you need to have an app called Screen recorder for iPhone. iPhone’s default screen capturing function can record everything on the screen, including a running video but without sound. Additionally, you cannot create GIFs from those screen records using any default function.

What Screen Recorder for iPhone does is pretty handy. It captures the whole screen without any drop. Following this, the app allows sufficient cropping and background sound editing options on the recorded clip. Lastly, it provides a dedicated function where you can use the edited video to make GIFs.

In summary, you need your iPhone. Next, to record the whole screen, you should have the Screen Recorder for iPhone app installed on your device. It will record the screen, save the recording as a standard video clip that you can crop and enhance. Lastly, convert the video you recorded into GIFs using the GIF converter.

Process of making a GIF on iPhone from Youtube video: Steps

The passive process follows two major segments:

Step-1: Capture and process video

Step-2: Use the GIF converter to convert the video into GIF format

How to Make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube Video: Processing a video

The first step of this ninja technique of capturing a youtube video is to use the Screen Recorder for iPhone app. Once launched, tap on the red ‘Start’ option and start broadcasting. This will initiate the live screen recording after a short count down.

Capture Youtube video

record youtube video screen

Step out of the app and launch Youtube app. Start the video you want to capture. A red timer alert at the top left corner of your device’s screen indicates the progressive recording function. Play the media content of Youtube all the way in full screen.

Once done, step out from the full-screen video mode. Tap on the red timer alert at the left corner of the notification space. You will get a notification box that asks for permission to stop the screen recording function. Terminating the process will give you a further pop-up notification that declares that your recording has been saved.

Steps in Brief:

  • Launch the Screen Recorder app
  • Tap on ‘Start’ followed by ‘Start Broadcast.’
  • Start Youtube video play it full screen up to your required length
  • Once done, step out from the full-screen video playback mode
  • Tap on the red timer alert at the left corner of the iPhone’s notification area
  • Terminate the screen recording by selecting the ‘Step Recording’ option

Trim and enhance a video

How to Make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube | trim video

Go to the Screen Recorder for iPhone app. You’ll find your recorded clip in the app’s ‘Video Editor’ segment. Crop out all the unnecessary actions that have been recorded during live screen recording. Only keep the length that displays your iPhone screen playing Youtube video.

Save the recorded video

export and save the recorded video

Carry out any other video and audio enhancements needed. Once you are satisfied, tap on the Export option at the top right corner of the app interface. Choose the resolution for your recorded video, and it will be saved automatically on your device.

Steps in Brief:

  • Return back to the Screen Recorder for iPhone app
  • You will see the recorded video on the ‘Video Editor’ segment
  • Crop out unnecessary portions from the recording
  • Add filter, adjust speed, or volume for an enhanced final outcome
  • Tap ‘Export’ located at the top right corner of the app
  • Select resolution for your intended video to finalize the video

Using the Default screen capturing process

iPhone’s default screen capturing process works equally great. You can find the screen record option by pulling down the notification drawer of your device. Tap on it, and the screen recording will be initiated instantaneously. However, you may encounter several limitations during and after the recording process.

Convert Youtube Video into GIF

Apply GIF converter on video

Now, as your Youtube video is ready, the next major step of how to make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube video is to create a GIF. The process is relatively easier from henceforth. Screen recorder for iPhone integrates a dedicated GIF converter. It can readily convert any video on the device into GIF format. However, the app allocates thirty seconds for each GIF clip. The process is linear.

Tap on the ‘Video to GIF’ option at the lower right corner of the initial app interface. It is one of the four significant options at the bottom of the first app page. Tapping on it will give you two secondary choices. Tap on the first option that is ‘My Recordings.’ You will find your newly edited video along with other media clips on the device storage.

Select your recorded clip, and you will be landed on the GIF processing page. Crop the portion you want to keep for GIF. Following this, tap on the export. Finally, tap the ‘Save to Photos’ option to create and save the final Gif.

Steps in Brief:

  • Tap on the ‘Video to GIF’ option
  • Select ‘My Recordings.’
  • You will be guided to the library. Here all videos are available, including the one you have made
  • Select the video you have worked with
  • Crop out excess length after thirty seconds to convert it into GIF
  • Finalize the GIF-making process by tapping on the Export option followed by ‘Save to Photos’


With the Screen recorder for iPhone app, the whole process of making a GIF from a Youtube video is fun. The app also makes a complex matter, such as making a GIF much easier. Next time, if asked how to make a GIF on iPhone from Youtube video, you know the little trick.

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