How to Make a Podcast on iPhone – Step by Step Guide

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how to make a podcast on iPhone

An audio podcast is a collection or series of digital audio files. These files can be downloaded or streamed through the internet. There are many users who are traveling most of the time or want to start a podcast on the move. If you want to create podcasts on the move or convenient way, using an app is the best solution. So, if you are trying to find out how to make a podcast on iPhone, this post will be helpful for you.

How to make a podcast on iPhone | 3 different methods

If you are excited about learning how to make a podcast on iPhone, you need to focus on some elements first. Before starting, you have to get the topic and scripts of your podcast ready. To start a podcast on iPhone, audio quality is very important. So, consider getting a good-quality audio recording system next.

There are plenty of external microphones available out there. After that, you need a good platform and the best podcast recording app for iPhone. Because without a well-renowned platform, your podcast may not earn enough reach. Similarly, without a convenient and solid performing app, you won’t be able to create a good podcast program.

So, having a good audio capture device and a solid streaming platform with a perfect app is very important. As there are many apps to record podcast on iPhone, finding the best can be a hefty task. So, here we will provide steps on how to record a podcast on iPhone by some of the best podcast apps out there. They are:

  • PodBean
  • Anchor
  • Podcast Studio by Spreaker

How to create a podcast on iPhone with PodBean

When it comes to making podcasts for free, this is the app you need. Currently, PodBean is the best podcast app for iPhone. For its simplicity of function, it has quickly become a fan favorite. Due to its efficient design and stability, it is the best app to record podcast on iPhone.

Steps to make a podcast on iPhone with PodBean

how to create a podcast on iPhone using PodBean
  • Locate and open PodBean on your iPhone.
  • Then, click the + icon at the bottom and tap the Recording button.
  • Now, after the recording has started, you can add background music and sound effects from the menu in the middle.
how to create a podcast on iPhone using PodBean
  • Next, after completing your podcast, hit Save. The file can be located on the “My Recording” page.
  • Finally, tap on the upload icon next to the file name, and the podcast will be uploaded after providing the name and details.

How to make a podcast on iPhone with Anchor

If you want to make a podcast with multiple participants, then Anchor is the answer. This app’s most useful and convenient feature is that you can easily connect multiple participants remotely. Anchor publishes your podcast directly to Spotify. So, you must follow the platform rules of Spotify carefully. After completing your episodes, tap on Publish. By providing all the necessary data, your episodes will be streamed.

Steps to make podcast with Anchor

how to record a podcast on your iPhone with Anchor by Spotify
  • Install and open the Anchor open on your iPhone.
  • Then select “I want to make a new podcast.”
how to record a podcast on your iPhone with Anchor by Spotify 02
  • Next, tap on the “+” icon and select “Invite friends to join” if you want to add guests to your podcast.
  • If there is no guest, then just hit “Record.”
  • Additionally, you can add interludes and sounds to your episodes.
  • Finally, after finishing your podcast, click Finish and then Save.

How to record a podcast on iPhone with Podcast Studio by Spreaker

Podcast Studio is the easiest option for podcast playing and recording apps out there. It is the best choice if you are new to the game and trying to learn how to make a podcast on iPhone easily.

Steps to start a podcast with Podcast Studio

How to make a podcast on iPhone with Podcast Studio
  • Install and open Podcast Studio.
  • Next, tap on the “Rec” and select “Go Live” or “Record.”
  • After starting the podcast, you can add sound effects and check audience messages.
  • Finally, after finishing the podcast, hit Stop icon. Then you can Share or Save to Drafts for future editing.

How to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts

One of the most renowned podcast apps for iPhone is Apple Podcasts. Various genre of podcasts is available here. So, submitting your podcast here is also challenging and competitive. You can submit your show on this platform by participating in the Apple Podcasters Program. After your podcast gets approved, it will also be available on multiple platforms.


Here we have described how to make a podcast on iPhone easily. If this was helpful, you might also try checking our list of the best ASMR apps or how to record and interview on iPhone.

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