How to Make Videos Slow Motion on iPhone

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How to Make Videos Slow Motion on iPhone

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Slow-motion on videos can be defined as a visual effect in which everything slows down so that nothing happens as fast as it would. Today, we will cover a few different techniques on how to make videos slow motion on iPhone using the Screen Recorder for iPhone app and iPhone’s native iMovie and camera app.

How to make videos slow motion on iPhone | 2 simple ways

To turn video into slow motion is a sure-fire way to make cool and unique videos, and you can do it on your iPhone with ease. You can shoot slowed-down films and lower the pace of standard videos using your iPhone.

A slow-motion clip can be recorded on your iPhone, and iPhone 11 and subsequent devices can do so with both the back and front cameras. Have you ever wondered how to slow down video played at average speed? Fortunately, your iPhone can do the same thing.

For how to slow down a video on iPhone, we’ve examined two approaches requiring two apps, which are:

  • Screen Recorder for iPhone
  • iMovie app

How to make videos slow motion using the Screen Recorder app

How to make videos slow motion using the Screen Recorder app

This app allows you to record what’s on your screen, generate Facecam response films, and live stream games. You can also edit recorded movies, add voice commentary, and convert videos to GIFs on the fly using this screen recording tool.

Start by recording the iPhone screen and then customizing it with a variety of editing choices. The options are endless, from making videos slow motion on iPhone using the video shortener to modifying video backgrounds with filters and adding stickers to videos.

  • Open the iPhone Screen Recorder app. Afterward, at the bottom of the screen, pick either the Facecam or Commentary option
  • Then select either My Recordings or Camera Roll as the place for your video. Instead of utilizing Facecam or Commentary, you might go straight to the My Recordings area
  • After that, choose the video you want to slow down
  • Then, if you’re using Facecam or Commentary, respond to your videos or add voiceovers, and then press Next. Tap on the Video Editor button if you’re utilizing videos from My Recordings
  • Then, on the built-in Video Editor screen that displays, press the Speed tab.
  • To slow down a video on iPhone, hit the Tick mark symbol and choose 0.25x or 0.5x speed
  • After that, press Export and choose a video resolution
  • Your video will therefore be saved and ready to share.

How to make videos slow motion on iPhone using iMovie

How make videos slow motion on iPhone using iMovie

Using the iMovie application on your iPhone, you can easily convert a movie to a slow-motion recording. Apple’s native video editing program is free for iPhone and iPad owners.

  • Launch the iMovie application
  • Select Movie from the Plus + sign
  • After that, select the video you’d like to slow down and press Create Movie
  • Then, on the editing timeline, touch on the video until it turns yellow
  • Next, at the bottom of your app screen, hit the Speedometer tab
  • A slider arrives with a rabbit on one end (faster) and a turtle on the other end (slower)
  • To slow down the actual playback speed of your video, move the slider closer to the turtle
  • Then apply the slow-motion to either a portion of the video or the complete video
  • After that, play the entire clip to see how you did
  • To save or share your footage, hit Done at the end.

How to make videos slow motion with the Camera app

Shooting in the Camera app’s slow-motion mode is easy to produce a slow-motion movie on an iPhone. By producing a slo-mo video, you’re raising the frame rate of the video. This makes it appear as if your video is playing at a slower pace than it actually is.

An iPhone video’s standard frame rate is 60 fps (frames per second). You’d shoot videos at a higher frame rate if you wanted to produce a slow-motion video on your iPhone. A greater frame rate indicates more material each second of video.

With the iPhone 5s, the Slo-mo capability was offered for the first time. In addition, most later iPhone models support slow-motion video recording at 120 and 240 frames per second. The video will be played at half the regular pace due to the frame rate of 120. Simultaneously, 240 frames per second are one-fourth of typing speed.

Steps on how to make videos slow motion with the iPhone camera

Steps on how to make videos slow motion with the iPhone camera
  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone.
  • From the many shooting modes available, locate and select the Slo-mo mode.
  • Then, to begin filming your slow-motion movie, press the Shutter button.
  • After that, press the Shutter button again to end your recording.
  • Finally, your iPhone’s Photos app will store your slow-motion footage.

Concluding statements

Slow-motion effects on your videos can indeed help you tell remarkable tales and create fantastic action scenes. You may simply produce your own slo-mo films now that we’ve shown you how to make slow video motion on iPhone in different methods. You may either use the third-party Screen Recorder app or your iPhone’s native applications to make your clips.

If this particular article has sparked your interest, then have a look at apps to slow down videos and also how to speed up video on iPhone.

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