How to Mass Delete Contacts on iPhone

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how to mass delete contacts on iphone

Junk contacts ruling contacts directory of your iPhone? Do you often find it hard to get the required phone number due to duplicate contact information? Enquiring how to mass delete contacts on iPhone? We got the perfect solution for you. There’s this amazing application called Cleaner for iPhone, and it can rescue you from all contact searching misery.

How to mass delete contacts on iPhone- Two standard methods

Let’s start with the basics. We often go through hectic schedules and don’t get much time for extensive experiments with our iPhone devices. Therefore, typical contact deletion from iPhone’s sync process doesn’t seem to be a feasible solution. Robust and more reliable processes one may consider can be by:

  • Using Cleaner for iPhone to clean contacts in cluster
  • Using iPhone’s default Contacts app to delete numbers

Mass delete contacts on iPhone using Cleaner for iPhone app

Cleaner for iPhone is an excellent tool that can track and clean all unnecessary contacts your phone has. This intelligent app automatically tracks Duplicate, incomplete or fragmented contacts from your iPhone’s Contacts.

Next, it displays a number of those unwanted contact data in intuitive slots in the app interface. Simply tap on any slot shown with redundant contact data. You will get a list of relevant contacts. Select those entries individually or as a whole to delete them whenever needed.

Looking for the best ways on how to mass delete contacts on iPhone? Download and install Cleaner for iPhone app for free from the App Store.

Please note that the deletion typically works on any incomplete contact data or without the proper information. However, in case of duplicate entries, the app intelligently sorts and merges contacts on iPhone respectively with their original entries.

Nevertheless, the app developer has kept a general contact deletion option. Here you can select available phone entries individually or in bulk and delete them in a blink of an eye. The whole contact managing process is kept simple and convenient for users of all ages.

Steps of deleting contacts in bulk

The process of removing contacts may sound a little confusing by now, but in fact, it is one of the easiest when you have the Cleaner app. Here’s a quick recap of how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone to simplify your understanding of the process:

Quick steps of how to mass delete contacts on iPhone:
  • Download, install and launch the Cleaner for iPhone
  • You will see a plethora of modules starting with Photos, Videos, and Contacts
  • Tap on the Contacts module at the bottom right corner of the app interface
  • There are six slots under two categories: Duplicates and Incompletes in Contacts
  • Select contact information under any or both of these two categories
  • Use merge function if contact data is selected under the Duplicate category
  • Delete redundant contacts in bulk if picked under the Incomplete banner
  • You can also delete contacts in general by tapping the dedicated option

Deleting multiple contacts with the default iPhone feature

Are you wondering how to mass delete contacts on iPhone using the embedded app? The contact deletion function can be found on the iPhone’s own Contacts app. However, you cannot delete phone contacts collectively and need to delete them one by one. It is indeed a redundant process if you have a short time.

Nevertheless, a more fluent option can be deleting contacts from If your contacts are stored on, things can be different. At this point, you can mass delete contacts from your phonebook stored on iCloud.

The process is relatively non-complex, even though you have to have proper connecting wires. Connecting your iPhone with the Mac or PC will be necessary during the contact syncing and deleting process.

Process of deleting contacts on iCloud in brief

Now, the route to reach all contact data on iCloud is not too linear. You have to go through a couple of steps to get hold of your contact data before choosing to remove them. Here are the whole steps in brief:

  • First, open the Settings module of your device
  • Tap on your Username and Apple ID placed at the top of the Setting menu
  • Select iCloud from the Apple ID module
  • Toggle Contacts switch to off. You will find this under ‘APPS USING ICLOUD.’
  • Toggling will result in a pop-up confirmation notification where you can select delete contacts from the device mentioned as Delete from my iPhone


Analyzing how to mass delete contacts on iPhone may result in a plethora of solutions. Nonetheless, we tried to banner only the simplest methods. Throughout this entire content, Cleaner for iPhone in this contest surely beats other plausible methods. Where most other contact removal processes in mass turn out way more complex, the Cleaner app for iPhone does it conveniently.

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