How to Personalize Ringtone on iPhone

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How to Personalize Ringtone on iPhone


iPhone devices are not confined to limited ringtones anymore. Now you have the scope to use specialized ringtone apps from App Store and create custom ringers for your device. Here we will explain how to personalize ringtone on iPhone using one of the best applications called Ringtones: Ringtone Maker. No more monotonous ringer on iPhone; now, enjoy the melody of your choice on every incoming call on your device.

How to personalize ringtone on iPhone with Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app

How to Personalize Ringtone on iPhone | Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app is the appropriate application with which you can set a song as a ringtone on your iPhone. The process of making a ringer and implementing it as your device’s default incoming tune follows a few easy steps. Henceforth, we have explained all stages of preparing and implementing a custom incoming caller tune.

Choosing your favorite song for the ringtone

making ringtone from ringtone maker module

With Ringtones: Ringtone Maker creating a custom ringtone is pretty easy. The app tracks down and archives all the music files on your Apple Music beforehand. The ringtone-making process begins with the Ringtone Maker option located at the top of the app’s interface. Entering this option will lead you to the Library containing all the albums you are looking for. You can choose any album and select an audio track from it.

Cropping the music to a ringer length

cropping music to ringtone length

Tap the audio track you want to hear as your phone ringtone. The selected audio file will be shown on the Trimmer section of the app. Here you can trim out the unnecessary portions of an audio track to create a free ringtone for iPhone. The trim bar is intuitive and easy to maneuver. Therefore, sliding across a music file and eliminating segments of it is much convenient.

Once a ringtone has been cropped and created, it will be automatically placed into the application’s ‘My Tune block. A significant portion of your query about how to personalize ringtone on iPhone ends gets completed with this step.

How to personalize ringtone on iPhone – Customizing and implementaing

How to personalize ringtone on iPhone | ringtone installation

Now you can add your new ringer is ready to. You will find the file on the My Tunes segment of the app. From there, tap on the ‘More’ function (Three dots) at the right. The outcome is several options before you, including Install Ringtone, Share, Rename or Delete. The ‘Install Ringtone’ will lead you to the next step of custom ringtone implementation on your iPhone.

The caller tune implementation process follows two main routes in iPhone. The audio file either has to go through iTunes or Garageband application for the final file conversion and implementation. The process of how to personalize ringtone on iPhone must include an audio format conversion process. Any typical audio format will not work as a caller tune on the iPhone only supports the m4r format. Convert audio after syncing your music file in iTunes or Garageband.

The final implication of customized ringtone

The final resolution of a personalized ringtone lies in its implication on your iPhone. Both GarageBand and iTunes do this part of the process. You need to connect your iPhone with Mac or PC via wires to sync with iTunes. On the other hand, Garageband can convert the ringtone and inject the processed music directly on your iPhone.

Please note that both iTunes and Garageband don’t allow syncing of any protected song. The song you prepared for the ringtone must be free from Digital Right Management (DRM). The custom-made incoming caller tune has to go through several processes in both iTunes and Garageband. The successful process finally ends up your ringer at the Sounds and haptics of the Settings app of your iPhone.

How to personalize ringtone on iPhone – Steps in brief

All these processes may sound gibberish or too complex for many. Therefore, let’s make the whole thing more uncomplicated for you. Here’s a recap of a quick step by step process of making and implementing personalized ringer on iPhone:

  • Launch Ringtones: Ringtone Maker
  • Tap on the ‘Ringtone Maker’ option located at the top of app options
  • You will land on the Library interface of the app. From there, you can select your song already available from Apple Music or the device’s internal storage.
  • Selecting the music will automatically show the file on the Trimmer interface
  • Trim the audio file according to your need and save it
  • You will find your saved audio file on the ‘My Tunes’ page of the application
  • Locate your music in My Tunes and tap on the More (three dots) at the right of the file
  • Tapping it will open up a list of options; Install Ringtone, Share, Rename or Delete
  • Choosing Install Ringtone will provide you with two more choices. You can either add a ringtone using iTunes or with Garageband
  • Both iTunes and Garageband work with DRM-free music files. Here you can convert the music into m4r format.
  • Sync and implement the newly processed ringer under the Sounds and haptics option in the Settings function


Upon reading this content till the end, you should have a clear concept about how to personalize ringtone on iPhone. It isn’t hard, especially where you select and crop music to a ringtone size and share it for ringtone implication.

In summary, Ringtones: Ringtone Maker is an effective app for iPhone if you want to quickly make a customized incoming caller tune for your iPhone. Learn more about this app in our Music segment and blogs :

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