How to Post on Instagram from iPhone

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How to post on Instagram from iPhone

If you have been wondering how to post on Instagram from iPhone recently, we got you covered. In this post, we will explain a few easy steps on how you can share your awesome pictures to your Instagram account directly from your iPhone.

How to post on Instagram from iPhone

Because Instagram is a popular social media app, it constantly brings new updates and changes for its users. Some updates, good and some not so much.

A few simple steps to follow:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and login if necessary
  • Tap the + (plus) sign in the upper-right corner of your home screen or profile, then pick Post from the dropdown menu
How to post on Instagram on iPhone
  • Tap on the dedicated camera icon to shoot a new photo with your smartphone camera, or pick a photo (or video) from your device’s library. To construct a multi-image post, press the circle with an image of stacked squares, then tap the photos you’d like to use in the order you’d like them to appear
Add a post on Instagram app
  • After you’ve chosen your media, tap Next
  • Pick a filter if you want to use one, or touch Edit to make further adjustments to the photo’s crop, brightness, saturation, and more on the following screen
  • Press Done
  • You may now add a written description and location, tag individuals, and syndicate your post to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • To make your post live on Instagram, tap Share in the top-right corner.
Share image on Instagram

How to post on Instagram from iPhone via Facebook

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account to start sharing your Facebook pictures to your Instagram account.

  1. The first step is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. You may do so by heading to your Facebook page’s Settings and selecting Instagram from the left sidebar.
  2. Simply go to your Instagram account from here to connect your account.
  3. When uploading to Facebook, choose Instagram
  4. You may now choose Instagram as an extra destination for your Facebook post while you’re creating one.
  5. Make sure Instagram is chosen when creating a new post on Facebook if you want to automatically post from Facebook to Instagram.

How to post on Instagram from iPhone using just your Computer

In recent updates, Instagram has now included a new built-in function that allows users to publish from their desktop website just as quickly as they do from their mobile app.

In the days of past, to post from a PC, you had to use a complex procedure to fool Instagram into believing you were using your iPhone

Below is a guideline:

  • In a desktop browser, go to Instagram’s website and log in if necessary
  • To begin a new post, click the + (plus) icon at the top of the page
  • Select from computer or drag picture or video files into the pop-up box that displays
  • In the window, your chosen image will appear. Zoom on the image and crop it using the magnifying glass in the bottom-left corner, or set a particular aspect ratio for the post with the two arrow symbol to the left of that. If you wish to upload more photos, hit the bottom-right corner circle with overlapping squares and then press the + symbol that appears. Click Next when you’re finished
  • Choose a filter or click the Adjustments tab to adjust levels of brightness, contrast, and other elements. Then click Next
  • Click the photo to tag accounts, or use the form on the right of the image to add a caption, location, or alt text (via the Accessibility dropdown), or turn off commenting (via the Advanced settings dropdown)
  • Then click Share to post to your Instagram feed.

In conclusion

Posting on Instagram has gone from pictures from personal accounts to Multinational companies using the social media platform to market their products. Thus, Instagram has come a long way. Now you are informed on how to post on Instagram from iPhone. Happy posting.

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