How to Record an Interview on iPhone

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How to record an interview on iPhone

Recording and sharing interviews are now easier than ever, thanks to the best recorder apps for interviews. Whether you are a journalist or regularly attend online-offline meetings and interviews, this guide will be helpful. So, you might be wondering how to record an interview on iPhone. We will describe both video and audio interview recording procedures in the following.

How to record an audio interview on iPhone

When the question is how to record an interview on iPhone, the simple solution is the Voice Memos app. Using an audio recorder is one of the best ways to record a phone interview. Also, audio interview files take much less storage space than video. With all its convenient functions, it is easily the best recorder for interviews on iPhone. Additionally, by enabling Voice Memos in your iCloud, you can store all your files directly in iCloud.

Note that you should always take permission before recording an interview of any kind.

How to record a face-to-face conversation on iPhone using Voice Memos

Voice Memos is the solution when you are searching for the best app for recording interviews. It is one of the most popular interview recorder apps for iPhone. Additionally, this interview recording app provides some extra functionalities as well. Follow the process to get along with it:

How to record a phone interview
  • Locate and open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “All Recordings.”
  • Next, click on the red button from the bottom of the screen to start recording the interview.
  • Tap the red button again once you’re done. You can locate your interview recording in the “All Recordings” section.

For the best result, start the interview by putting the iPhone on your desk with the screen side facing up. It will ensure a good audio quality. Furthermore, you also get functions to alter playback speed, Skip Silence, and Enhance Recording.

How to record remote audio interviews with another device

Suppose you are trying to record online interviews. In that case, you may use an external device to record audio as you can’t currently record any calls on your iPhone natively. So, you have to use another iPhone or recorder device to record the conversation. Although, if you want to record a call from your carrier service, you can try a third-party call recorder app available on the App Store.

How to record a video interview on iPhone

You can simply use the inbuilt camera app to record a video interview on your iPhone. You can use this video interview as a media file on any platform. Furthermore, you can edit the video file to make it ready to share easily.

How to record a video interview using the iPhone camera

How to record a video interview using the iPhone camera

Alt-text: How to record a video interview using the iPhone camera

  • Locate and open the Camera app on your iPhone.
  • Then, select Video and choose the video quality.
  • Finally, press the record button before starting the interview.

How to record a remote video interview

How to record a remote video interview

Alt-text: How to record a remote video interview

If it’s about how to record an online video interview on iPhone, you are in the right place. You will require another dedicated device in case of recording a remote video interview, such as an iPhone. First, place the recorder iPhone in a stable position or on a tripod facing the interview. Next, launch the camera app on the recorder and start shooting. Finally, start your interview and record the whole session from the recorder device.

Suppose you want to avoid using multiple devices. In that case, you can use a Mac or laptop to record a remote video interview. Try Zoom, Google Meet, or similar applications to perform the interview and record it automatically on your device.

How to edit videos after recording

After recording a video interview on iPhone, you may need to edit the file. You can easily cut and reduce unwanted interview sections, fix the sound, color grading, and everything. To edit video interviews, you can use VivaVideo or Splice. Additionally, you can also use Blur Video Background app to blur unwanted people or objects in your interview.


Here we have tried to guide you how to record an interview on iPhone. Hope this will make your experience of recording interviews with iPhone easier. If this was helpful, you might also try checking how to screen record on iPhone or some of the best screen recorder apps for your iPhone.

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