How to Record Twitch Streams on iPhone

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Are you a gamer by heart? Do you like to stream games on Twitch or prefer to follow some of the top gamers on this site? The good news is that now, not only can you stream your game session, but you can record it on your iPhone. Whether you like to record your own stream or someone else’s session on Twitch, the process needs a good app like Screen Recorder for iPhone. With this app on your iPhone, recording twitch streams requires just a few simple clicks. We will explain how to record twitch streams on iPhone through this tutorial blog.

How to record Twitch streams on iPhone with Screen Recorder app

How to Record Twitch Streams on iPhone | app interface

As mentioned earlier, recording twitch streams on iPhone are now much easier. All you need is a specialized app called Screen Recorder for iPhone app. The app solves the mystery of how to screen record on iPhone on the first hand. Next, it has a dedicated module called Livestream that does the trick.
This module contains all the streaming gateways of social sites, including Facebook, YouTube RTMP, and Twitch. For now, we will keep aside other streaming sites and focus on Twitch. We will learn about the step-by-step process of how to record Twitch streams on iPhone.

Record twitch streams on iPhone with Screen Recorder app

How to record Twitch streams on iPhone- Step by step process

Now let’s talk business. You have to complete several steps before or during your iPhone’s twitch stream recording process using your iPhone. For that, download Screen Recorder for iPhone from App Store and install it on your device. Next, get ready with the Twitch, followed by recording the Twitch video and finally saving and sharing the recorded file. Here’s how the whole process goes:

Be a valid Twitch user

Before streaming and recording from a Twitch, you first need to be a valid user of this site. If you are a regular gamer and often use Twitch to stream online, simply login to your Twitch account. If you haven’t registered yet, sign up for one. Being a valid user will resolve the first stage of the query on how to record Twitch streams on iPhone.

Stream Twitch on iPhone with the app

twitch stream

If you are an authorized Twitch user, the next step is simply launching the Screen Recorder app for iPhone. You will see four different functions lying at the bottom of this app; from left to right: Video to GIF, Commentary, Facecam, and Livestream. The Livestream function at the bottom left corner of the interface deals with all the stream recording functions.

Tap on the Livestream, and you will get a list of multiple social sites where you stream videos. Select Twitch, and it will lead you to the URL authentication page. Fill up the stream URL and Streaming keys that can be found with the streaming video link of this site. After that, simply tap on the Start Livestreaming option. Your stream will be live from here. The process will be live before others until you stop the Livestream again.

Records stream with Screen Recorder for iPhone

record twitch stream

The next step of how to record Twitch streams on iPhone includes recording the whole screen session itself. For recording the live stream, the process must be initiated before starting the Livestream on Twitch. When you are on the Screen Recorder for iPhone interface, you will see a screen recorder option in the middle of the app. Tap on the Start, and you will be asked permission to ‘Start Broadcast.’ By clicking this, you will initiate the screen recording process. You will see a red timer alert at the left of the notification bar. This count-down alert notifies that your recording is in progress.

Next, follow the process mentioned at the stage of ‘Stream Twitch on iPhone with the app’ discussed above. This time the whole streaming session will be recorded. Once done recording, tap on the red alert, and it will give you a pop-up confirmation. Choose the Stop option from there, and the recording will be halted. You will also get a further pop-up notification saying that the recording has been saved. Tap on the notification to directly see the content, or go to My Recording for your new recorded video.

Save and share recorded stream

save recording

Your new recorded stream session should be well saved on My Recording of your device by this time. The Screen Recorder for iPhone does the content saving part automatically. This definitely saves time and effort. Furthermore, with this step, the process of how to record Twitch streams on iPhone ends. Additionally, you can share the recording online straight from the Screen Recorder app for iPhone app if you want.

End Statement

To know more about how to record Twitch streams on iPhone, we suggest you try the best Screen Recorder app for iPhone. It will give plenty of other exciting functions that you might like to try. Ready to learn more about this interesting app? What about tips like how to make a GIF on iPhone from YouTube video using this particular app. Check that out and more on the Utility and Productivity segment of Xlightmedia.

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