How to Remove Inactive Subscriptions from iPhone

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How to Remove Inactive Subscriptions from iPhone

IPhone subscriptions provide you with ample scope to fully utilize any app’s offerings. This paid subscription lets you explore all of its benefits. But suddenly, your necessity for that particular app might be over, and in that case, you will be willing to unsubscribe from your subscription to that app.

You can unsubscribe or cancel subscriptions from your iPhone, but is it possible to remove inactive subscriptions from your iPhone? And if it is possible, then how to remove inactive subscriptions from iPhone?

We are sorry to say that Apple does not provide any scope to users to delete subscriptions on iPhones. Deleting subscriptions on iPhones is not possible; rather, they would automatically be removed after 1 year from the date of unsubscribing from that app.

But do not get disheartened as there are some alternative ways that can do something to minimize the necessity of deleting subscriptions on iPhone. We are going to discuss how to remove inactive subscriptions from iPhone and what are the alternative ways to do something like deleting inactive subscriptions from your Apple account here.

So without baffling anymore, let us begin the discussion.

How to find the subscription list on iPhone?

Before knowing how to remove subscriptions on an iPhone, you need to know first how and where to find the subscription list on iPhone.

How to find the subscription list on iPhone

Just follow the simple steps to see your apps subscription list on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on the Apple ID
  3. Tap on the Subscriptions

Here you will find all of your subscription lists, from the active ones to the inactive ones, and those which will expire very soon and require renewal.

If you say it in simple words, you can follow this path Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions to find out your active and inactive subscription list.

How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone?

As you have learned how to find your subscription list, now you might find out that there are some apps that you do not need anymore, and you are willing to cancel that subscription as they are costing you superfluous money.

How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone

To cancel a subscription on your iPhone, you follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apple ID
  3. Tap on Subscriptions
  4. Tap on the app you are willing to unsubscribe
  5. Tap on Cancel Subscription

It is done. Your subscription is canceled. But it will still serve the subscribed benefits until your current subscription validity goes over. You can claim a refund on that also.

So in simple steps, you just need to follow this path Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions > Tap on the App > Cancel Subscription, and your subscription for that app will be canceled.

How to Remove Inactive Subscriptions from iPhone?

Congratulations on canceling your subscription from your iPhone. But still, there is a problem that is bothering you and us also. The problem is the inactive or unsubscribed app is still being shown in the inactive subscription list.

So now you are wondering if you have learned the steps to find out the subscription list and the way to cancel one subscription but how to remove inactive subscriptions from your iPhone.

We did not want to upset you, but the authority did not leave any odds of deleting the subscription on iPhone. The inactive subscription list will automatically vanish or be removed just after 365 days or 1 year from the date of unsubscription.

Do not get angry or disheartened about that, as we know it bothers many of us, including you. So we have tried some alternatives that will not give you access to delete old subscriptions on your iPhone but give you a chance to mitigate that.

Why Deleting Expired Subscriptions on iPhone is not Possible?

Deleting expired subscriptions on iPhone is impossible as Apple’s Subscription Management System does not allow its users to do so as they are committed to serving the users until the subscription validity expires. Also, deleting expired subscriptions deletes your user data along with the deletion.

Subscription systems usually have 2 states:

  1. Active subscription and
  2. Inactive subscription

Active subscription refers to the user’s full access to the facilities provided by the app. On the other hand, Inactive subscription refers to limited access to the facilities the app provides.

An inactive subscription does not mean that you will no longer be able to use that app; instead, it will limit your facilities. But the data of yours that has been stored while you subscribed to them and enjoyed their offerings are still there and can be useful to some extent for yourself. But if you delete the expired subscription from your iPhone, the app will be deleted along with your information as well. So if you need to use that app again, then you have to start over and will not get the previous data anymore.

Apple’s Subscription Management System lets the user decide if they really do not need that app anymore, as within 1 year of time, any user can decide whether they will use that app again or not.

That is why you can not delete expired subscriptions from your iPhone.

What are the Alternatives to Delete Inactive Subscriptions on iPhone?

As you have known that getting rid of old subscriptions on the iPhone is not possible manually, now you would be wondering about some alternatives to mitigate that thing as it becomes frustrating sometimes.

In that case, we can suggest you 3 ways:

  • Signing out from your Apple ID
  • Opening a new Apple ID
  • Limiting screen time of App Store

Let us discuss in brief about these methods.

Signing out from your Apple ID

This method does not work most of the time as Apple does not allow it to. They restrict signing out from any Apple ID on iPhone due to security purposes. So it is not possible in most of the cases. But if it is allowing you to do so, then you might do that and get rid of inactive subscription lists on your iPhone.

Opening a new Apple ID

As you can not sign out from your Apple ID, you can open a new one until the inactive subscriptions are deleted automatically after 1 year. Opening a new Apple ID is very easy and can be a possible solution to alleviate your frustration.

Limiting screen time of App Store

This is not a useful method, but if you do not want anyone to see your subscription list from the app store, you can limit your screen time for the App Store. From the settings, you can limit your screen times, and setting the App Store screen time for 1 min each day can do the work to some extent, as anyone can not browse your App Store on iPhone for more than 1 minute per day. You can change it to your will when you are using it by yourself.

What are inactive subscriptions?

Subscription services that you have previously signed up for but are no longer being utilized or paid for are known as inactive subscriptions. These might include ongoing payments for applications, materials streaming services, or any other paid services.

Will I still have access to content after canceling an inactive subscription?

You can still access the content after canceling an inactive iPhone subscription till the last day of the current billing cycle. By doing this, you may be assured that you’ll get what you paid for during the subscription time. Future billing costs terminate when the subscription is canceled.

Access to content after cancellation may be limited, and some services may be canceled or given a grace period. Review the terms and conditions for correct information as service-specific changes may affect post-cancellation access.

Can I get a refund for an inactive subscription that I forgot to cancel?

Contact the app’s or service provider’s customer care and describe the circumstance to receive a refund for an inactive subscription. Some app retailers permit refunds within a certain time period, but Apple’s policy is typically more forgiving for requests relating to technical difficulties or unintentional purchases. Describe your circumstance honestly and briefly.

You can go to the Apple Report a Problem website and submit your request for a refund if you have an inactive subscription that you bought from the Apple App Store. There is no certainty that inactive subscription refunds will be given because every case is different.

Can I re-subscribe to a service I have previously canceled?

Yes, you can re-subscribe to a service that you have paid for previously. Just go to your iPhone’s App Store and install that again. Then buy its subscription again and enjoy.


We have come to the point where we have discussed everything on how to remove inactive subscriptions from iPhone, and as we have already learned that it is not possible due to the policies of Apple’s Subscription Management System, so we have discussed some alternatives also to lessen your vexation.

Always be aware of what you will need and what is not to be useful to you before unsubscribing from any apps.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding this matter of discussion.

Expecting that you understand the intensity of the matter from Apple’s Management Team’s perspective and can follow the alternative if it still bothers you.

Wishing you a great experience while using your iPhone. Enjoy your device to the fullest!

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