How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone

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how to remove red eye on iPhone

A red glow may come in pictures while using flash or taking photos in low light. This can sometimes ruin your perfect photographs. However, the camera nowadays is powerful enough that red eyes occur rarely. Nonetheless, you can experience red eye marks on your photos in certain situations. Hence, you need to know how to remove red eye on iPhone.

Discover how to remove red eye on iPhone | 2 easy ways

The only way to remove red eyes from your pictures is by using photo editing applications. So, if you have several precious images on your iPhone that are ruined by red eyes, you can fix them instead of deleting them. There are two ways to remove red eyes from pictures on your iPhone.

You can use iPhone’s default Photos app to fix the issue. In addition, a third-party removing tool can also help you to get rid of them. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

How to get rid of red eyes on iPhone from the native Photos app

It’s possible that you don’t want to install other apps to remove red eyes on your iPhone. Fortunately, the iPhone’s Photos app has a red-eye removal feature. It is pretty easy and effective. So, below is the process to get rid of red or glowing eyes in pictures using the in-built Photos app on your iPhone.

Complete steps on how to remove red eyes on iPhone using the Photos app

how to fix the red eye on iPhone using Photos
  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Find the image that has the red eye issue.
  • In the upper right, press “Edit.”
  • Select the icon of an eye with a slash in it.
  • To correct each red eye, tap it.
  • Once you’ve corrected all the red eyes, click “Done” in the bottom right corner.

Note: Be very cautious as your phone can incorrectly perceive whatever you tap as red eye and make an attempt to fix it.

Learn how to remove red-eye on iPhone using a third-party app

You can also use a photo editor app to fix the red-eye issue on your images. Currently, there are some quality red-eye removers on the App Store. You can use YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor, one of the best iPhone apps, to remove red eye with just a few steps. Below are the steps to remove red eyes using YouCam Makeup.

Steps on how to remove red eye on iPhone using YouCam Makeup

how to get rid of red eyes on photos using YouCam Makeup
  • Download YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor app on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and select Photo Makeup from the launcher.
  • To find the Red Eye function, go into the picture editing feature area and select Retouch.
  • Use the Red-Eye function to remove red dots in your eyes naturally.
  • Finally, save the picture without red eyes and send it to your loved ones.

What causes red eye in photos?

Now that you know how to get a red eye out of pictures on your iPhone let’s discuss how they happen in the first place. Red eyes mainly occur in pictures taken at night or in low-lighting environments. What happens is that during poor lighting, the pupil of the subject of the picture accommodates for the lack of light.

When you take the photo using your iPhone camera’s flash, the light strikes the retina, causing a reflection that rebounds back to the camera. This happens so fast that the pupil of the subject doesn’t have enough time to respond. In the back of our eyes, there’s a layer called “choroid,” which is full of blood, so the reflection that strikes the camera shows the eyes in red.

How to avoid red eyes in photos?

Here we will discuss how you can best prevent red eyes from appearing in your photos. You don’t want red eyes to ruin your special pictures. Fortunately, there are quite a few actions that you can take to avoid red eyes in your photographs, and we will share them with you.

Don’t use the flash:

The best way to avoid red eyes is to avoid using your camera’s flash altogether. If you have adequate lighting that would ensure that your photos turn out fine, disable the flash.

Add extra lighting:

Another thing you could do is to just get more lighting. If you make the room brighter, the chances of getting a red eye are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Avoid staring directly at the camera:

If the lighting of the area or the room is dim or even dark and you have no choice but to use the flash, in that case, you can instruct the subject(s) not to look at the camera directly. What this does is that the light from the subject’s pupil won’t reflect on the camera.

Use iPhone’s red eye correction feature:

Newer iPhone models have a red-eye correction function that allows you to fix any red-eye pictures manually. To remove the red eye, simply tap on each eye in the photo.

To Wrap Up

Red-eye issues can spoil your almost flawless images. In addition, your priceless moment may end up with unpleasant red glowing eyes. Hopefully, the two methods we have discussed in this article on how to remove a red eye on iPhone will provide the help you need. Both of them have the same effectiveness, and the choice now rests on you.

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