How to Rename a Video on iPhone

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How to rename a video on iPhone

iPhones are renowned for having the best camera you can take photos and videos with. But the names those videos are given make them difficult to find. This is especially cumbersome when you’re trying to edit or reorganize. For this tutorial we’re looking at how to rename a video on iPhone devices for this tutorial.

But why would anyone want to rename their videos, some people might ask? As mentioned earlier, for better organization. How else would you differentiate between “video_1” and “video_2” aside from the thumbnail? This is especially the case when editing videos, where you’re not shown the thumbnail until after selecting it.

How to rename a video on iPhone | Top 4 tips

Before you dive headfirst into learning how to rename a video on iPhone, you need some quick pointers first. You need to know if it’s even possible to rename your video, and if so, how. And just in case, is it possible to rename multiple videos on your iPhone?

Can you rename your videos on iPhone?

Yes, you can. But there is a caveat to this, though. You can’t rename your video in the Photos app. So, if it’s not possible to change your video’s name in the iPhone’s gallery app, how can you rename them? It is possible to do this in the Files app. Now, the question becomes, how to rename a video on iPhone in Files?

Renaming your video from the Photos app on your iPhone

With that out of the way, it is time to learn how to rename your video on iPhone. Though renaming is not possible to do in the Photos app, there is a workaround for this. This section will look into how to do just that and rename your videos.

Steps on how to rename a video on iPhone

1.     Tap on or hold the video you want to rename

Go to Photos and select the video whose name you want to change. Remember, you can select multiple videos but can’t rename them in bulk. Alternatively, you can press and hold the video, which is faster considering what we’re going to do next.

2.     Tap the Share option

Steps on how to rename a video on iPhone 02

After you have selected the video, click on the Share icon at the bottom-left corner to open the options menu. Then, tap on Share. If you press and hold on to the video, you can simply tap on Share.

3.     In the Share menu, select Save to Files

In the Share menu, you’ll see a list of apps to share your video on. But these social media apps are not what we’re looking for. In the menu, slide up to expand the menu. In the expanded Share menu, you can now see and select the option, Save to Files.

4.     Rename the video before sending it to Files

After tapping Save to Files, you will then be asked to rename the video. After renaming the video, click on Save. This means the newly renamed video is now saved in your Files app, and it is usually where the tutorial ends. But if you want to view the renamed video, you have to open the Files app. And if you want the renamed video back in the Photos app, then you’ll have to send it back to the Photos app.

5.     Click Share Videos

Finally, if you want to send the renamed video file back to the Photos app, go to the Filesapp. Just like you did in the Photos app, press and hold the newly renamed video, then tap on Share. On the Share menu, slide up to expand the menu and select Save Video. Doing this will download the video into the Photos app, and it will retain its new name.

You might want to delete the earlier video file with the older name from the Photos app, or else there would be two same videos with different names.

How to rename a video on iPhone from the Files app

Now, you know how to rename a video on iPhone, but what about renaming a video already in your Files app? By placing these videos in Files, you can easily transfer them to your computer. For this section, we’re going to look at how to change the video file name on iPhone.

Steps on how to rename a video on iPhone from the Files app

1.     Select the video in Files

In Files, locate the video you want to rename. Then, press and hold the video in question.

2.     Tap on Rename and rename your video

After pressing and holding the video, tap on Rename.

3.     Tap on Done

After you’ve renamed your video, tap on Done to save the changes.

Can you rename multiple videos on iPhone?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t rename multiple videos in a batch. For iPhone devices, it can only rename one video at a time, and that’s if they can even rename them. However, certain apps let you bulk-rename videos, such as FileBrowser Professional.

Naming your videos

The last thing you want when you’re showing off your videos is to check if you’re playing the right one. With your newfound knowledge on how to rename a video on iPhone, keeping track of when you’re viewing or editing them is easy.

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