How to Resize an Image on iPhone

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How to Resize an Image on iPhone

Only capturing images is not enough nowadays. You have to have the proper tools and knowledge to edit and enhance photos before publishing them online. And one of the frequently asked questions regarding photo adjustment and editing is how to resize an image on iPhone.

Picture adjustment and editing are simple when you got the right tools in hand. There are plenty of apps that do those tasks. However, our recommendation goes for the best ones. They are Photo Editor° and Blur Photo Editor.

Although Photo Editor is an image editor by root, Blur is, specialized in photo enhancing and blurring functions. Nevertheless, both apps are equally competitive when it comes to photo enhancement, cropping, and fine-editing. We will find out how these two apps help enhance and edit a picture through this article.

Editing and resizing an image on iPhone using different apps

Modifying images and enhancing photo properties are now on the tip of your finger. Furthermore, you have multiple iPhone apps and external options perfectly developed for an editing job. Even iPhone’s own app can do the image reshaping without complaints.

Here are some options that work great for image editing and resizing images:

  1. Blur Photo Editor
  2. Photo Editor°
  3. Online Image Resizers

Tweaking images with Blur Photo Editor

The first one to enhance and resize an image on iPhone is the Blur Photo Editor. Although this app specializes in obscuring portions of any photo. However, it has its own dedicated function when it comes to editing and cropping a picture.

Blur Photo Editor has a dedicated photo editor that can resize an image and cut off unnecessary portions. Rest assured that, apart from the fabulous photo blurring features, this app will help you edit photos on the go. So, when asked how to resize an image on iPhone and crop out excess portions, count Blur Photo Editor.

Editing photos with Photo Editor°

Video Editor° comes next to resize and adjust images and do multiple edits to enhance photos. The app is developed exclusively for iPhone and iPad and built for photo editing in particular. It has a rich collection of filters, and an amazing Splash function, even a full-fledged virtual toolbox to edit pictures.

Image cropping, image rotating, or mirror flipping are some options that fall under resizing and reshaping an image. However, resizing a photo will shave off some pixels from your image and will zoom in to a considerable level. You can also use a different aspect ratio for a picture. That means you can choose among various aspect ratios for any image. It will, however, cost you some pixel loss.

Please note: It must be noted that both Blur Photo Editor and Photo Editor° app work fantastic in editing and enhancing photos. However, both app lack photo resizing functions in particular at this moment. Developers of these two apps are working on this specific feature. Once ready, it will be integrated with the rest of the other features.

Additional features other than resizing an image on iPhone

Both Blur Photo Editor and Photo Editor app has several other functions that are worth trying. For instance. Blur Photo editor brings you a plethora of image blurring options. Blur Photo editor app does it with style when you need to obscure the image portion for security or privacy purposes.

On the other hand, Photo Editor has a fantastic splash function with a comprehensive collection of filters and photo retouching functions. A compelling features collection makes the Photo Editor one of the most powerful photo editing tools on the App Store.

How to resize an image on iPhone with online image resizers

An alternative option to resize an image can be by online free image editing or resizing tools. Many online free tools do the photo resizing with perfection. However, there’s a catch. Most online tools halt their function after a few free trials. Therefore, if you got bulk images that need resizing, online freebies wouldn’t be the most sustainable option.

Another aspect of concern is content privacy. With online free tools, we can’t assure strong data privacy and security. On that stand, offline iPhone apps such as those mentioned above are way more secure and reliable.

Show cropping, rotating, alignment functions of both blur and photo editor apps

Nevertheless, any online free image resizing tool can be your thing if a single or two photos are in consideration. When you need to resize an image, browse online for free image resizing tools. You will find many online office-tool services that offer resizing services for free. After getting an online tool, upload the image you want to resize and follow their steps to begin the resizing process.

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