How to Restore Contacts on iPhone from iCloud

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how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud

When we lose any contact information from our phonebook, recovering or restoring them can be tedious sometimes. To handle that, iPhone has a built-in backup system named iCloud. It lets you easily restore contacts or messages from iCloud on your iPhone. Additionally, it also backs up media files, notes and more. It is a go-to choice as a data backup facility when you own an Apple device. In this discussion, we will show you how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud backup easily.

Learn how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud in 2 easy ways

Every day, we rely on contact lists to make phone calls, send emails, and text messages. So, losing or misplacing a contact detail can easily be a very stressful experience. Thankfully, there are ways to recover phone numbers. If you lose or buy a new iPhone and want to sync contacts on your new iPhone, iCloud website or the iMyFone app will help you out. Using these two easy ways, you can also recover deleted videos, contacts, messages, and more.

Note that when you restore a backed-up version from iCloud, it will replace your current contact list. So, if you want to merge with your existing contacts, you have to preserve and merge them after restoration.

How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone from iCloud | Default method

If you are trying to retrieve deleted contacts on your iPhone, the conventional way is to visit After logging in to your account from a PC or Mac, you can select the things you want to recover.

Note that to restore a backup from iCloud, you have to have the backup system enabled. To enable the backup system, navigate to Settings> Profile name> iCloud. Then toggle on the iCloud Backup and Contacts.

Steps on how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud

How to retrieve contacts from iCloud
  • Open a browser from Mac or PC and go to
  • From the Account Settings, click on Restore Contacts.
  • Here you can see all the available versions listed by the date and time of the archive.
  • Finally, tap the Restore button on the right side of the desired version.

How to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud with iMyFone

If your iPhone lost all contacts somehow, the iCloud on iPhone is the most common option to restore. But sometimes, the issue can be more critical. For example, the backup operation might fail due to internet failure, software updates, or other reasons. In situations like these, iCloud does not operate correctly.

Also, the iCloud backup might be off from the beginning, and you simply forgot to turn it on. But fear not, iMyFone comes to the rescue. If you are trying to find out how to recover contacts on iPhone with or without iCloud easily, this is the app you are looking for.

It is an excellent app for iPhone data recovery that runs on Mac and PC. When you delete something from memory, it leaves data traces in the memory chip. With complex algorithms and software, that data is recoverable. iMyFone makes that process convenient for end users.

Explore the steps of how to get contacts back on iPhone with iMyFone

How to get contacts back on iPhone with iMyFone
  • Install and open iMyFone on your Mac or PC.
  • Next, you have to connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC and select Recover from iCloud.
  • Then, log in to iCloud account and select Contacts.
how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud with iMyFone 02
  • After that, click on Scan to find the lost contacts.
  • Finally,click on Recover to start syncing.

Discover how to sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

Syncing contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud requires logging in to both devices with the same iCloud account. iCloud automatically keeps a backup of your contact list on the cloud. So, you can sync easily when you buy a new iPhone or just try to sync to another iPhone. Go to Settings> Profile and login into your iCloud account to start syncing automatically.

How do you transfer contacts to a new iPhone without iCloud?

If you are trying to transfer your contacts to a new iPhone without using iCloud, you can use AirDrop. Turn on Bluetooth and keep it discoverable on both devices. After that, select Share Contact and choose AirDrop. Finally, choose the receiving iPhone from the AirDrop window, and the contact will be shared with your new iPhone.

How do I find deleted messages on iPhone without iCloud?

Using the iMyFone app, you can find your deleted messages without iCloud. Simply connect your iPhone with a PC or Mac and select Recover from iOS Device. Then, select “Messages” and press Scan to recover your deleted messages on your iPhone without iCloud.


So far, we have discussed a complete guide on how to restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud backup conveniently. We hope you find this helpful if you have mistakenly removed or lost contact when syncing or restoring from an earlier backup. iCloud and iMyFone make it much easier.

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