How to Scan Business Card on iPhone

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How to Scan a Business Card on iPhone

Before we begin

Wondering how to scan business card on iPhone to better manage your professional contacts? Download Business Card Scanner HD, the best business card app for iPhone to help organize communication in the workplace. Easily scan business cards to contacts and digitalize the way of networking professionally.

While business cards are essential to networking, handling heaps of those cards is not that practical. Learning how to scan a business card into contacts can solve that issue and make it easy to manage contacts. The Business Card Scanner HD app uses OCR technology to read cards and transform the data into digital content. Let’s dive into this simple guide of business card scanning on an iPhone.

How to Scan Business Card on iPhone and Save in Contacts

Business Card Scanner HD makes it as easy as possible to read and store information of visiting cards on iPhone. Let’s check out how to scan business card on iPhone with this app.

Step 1: Download and install the business card scanner app for iPhone

The first thing you should do is download the Business Card Scanner HD and install it on your iPhone. It’s completely free to download from the App Store and offers in-app purchases. Having this app will make it effortless to scan and store virtual business cards on iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the business card scanner on your iPhone

business card scanner app for iPhone

After you’ve installed the app, launch it. You’ll see a scanner icon at the bottom. Tap to open the scanner camera. The camera is capable of reading the edge of a card and detecting the frame efficiently. In other words, you won’t have to adjust the frame manually to read and scan business cards.

Step 3: Place a business card inside the camera frame and scan it

how to scan business cards

Next, take a business card and place it into the frame of the scanner. You’ll see it starting to identify the edges immediately. When it’s ready to read the business card and scan it, hit the shutter button. This business card scanner app will instantly capture and showcase the card information. Click Next to proceed.

Step 4: Review and save the business card on your iPhone

how to store business cards

Finally, let’s learn how to store business cards on iPhone after reading them. Once you’re through with business card scanning, the app will add the data in predefined fields. For instance, the name, phone number, and email will be stored on a digital business card. You can manually edit if anything is out of place and save the card by simply going back to the app screen.

The reason why this is one of the best apps for scanning business cards is its convenience and features. Organizing business cards is super easy with this powerful scanner app. For example, you can find all the cards scanned anytime, make edits, share, or delete them. But that’s not all. You can even make calls and send emails directly from this business card organizer app. Simply open a card, touch the designated call and email icons to reach the card contact.

Step 5: How to scan business cards to contacts with your iPhone

how to scan a business card into contacts

Yes, you can actually use this app to scan business cards to contacts book on iPhone. To save a business card and scan it to contacts, just open any saved card. You’ll see a Contact icon at the bottom right corner. Tap on it and “Allow” to make the person’s number available in your iPhone contacts. That’s it!

How to scan QR code on business cards

Being one of the best business card apps for iPhone, this app also features an inbuilt QR code scanner. People often use QR codes on visiting cards to make the information more accessible. While the iPhone camera alone is capable of reading any QR code, it can only view the encoded data.

So, to save business cards with QR codes —

QR code on business cards
  • Launch the Business Card Scanner HD app
  • On the scanning page, select the QR code option
  • Then place the QR code of a business card within the scanner
  • It will instantly read the QR code and bring up the card content
  • Make corrections if necessary. Then save it to your iPhone contacts.

Final words

Following this guide on how to scan business card on iPhone, you can ease into your work-life better. Utilize the best business card scanner app and keep all your networks in one place, your iPhone. If you’re interested in reading similar guidelines, check out the following link.

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