How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

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How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

The answer to your query about how to scan a QR code on iPhone has a simple solution; A quality QR code reader app. When it comes to quality, QR Code Reader has its own stand on the App Store. This QR scanner on iPhone shows lossless data even when scanned in a group. Additionally, the app provides QR-generating and managing features on the go.

This blog guides you through options of how to scan a QR code on iPhone. Here we will explain easy ways of QR code scanning using iPhone and iPad. Aside from QR Code Reader゜app, which is undoubtedly one of the best QR code readers for iPhone, you can also stick with the default QR scanner on your iPhone.

Our blog will cover the following ways of QR and barcode scanning processes:

  • QR scanning and generating process on iPhone using QR Code Reader゜app
  • QR code reading process with iPhone’s default function

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone: Using QR Code Reader゜app

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

At this point, you must be wondering what makes a third-party app so appropriate for scanning data. QR Code Reader゜app comes with several useful functions, including an automatic scanner, QR and bar code generator, scanned data manager, and so on. 

Unlike the default QR function of the iPhone, this scanning app is faster and more reliable. Like the default scanner, you don’t have to tap on the notification pop-up every time to gaze at the scanned result.

Once you have initiated the app, it will start your phone’s rear camera. Point your camera at the QR code or barcode. The smart app will automatically identify and scan the code. Following that, you will get an accurate scanned result; Almost instantly!

To make things easier to understand, here’s our YouTube tutorial video showing you how to scan a QR code on iPhone using the QR Code Reader゜app.

In short, this is how QR Code Reader゜app reads QR with iPhone:

  • Go to QR Code Reader゜app on your iPhone
  • The app will start your rear camera with an added QR or barcode scanner
  • Point your camera at the product QR or barcode. Make sure the code fits inside the scanner box on the screen.
  • The app will scan and instantly decipher the QR or barcode, and you will get the accurate data you need.

Error-free Data Scanning Using QR Code Reader for iPhone

Error-free Data Scanning Using QR Code Reader for iPhone

Default scanning QR and barcodes on iPhone often give limited data or sometimes irrelevant information. QR Code Reader app, on the other hand, provides accurate data after every single scanning.

This scanning app has passed through numerous functional testing processes. Therefore, stop bothering about data integrity. Expect error-free results after each scanning.

Generate Your Own Custom QR and Bar Code

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

Don’t just stick in scanning product QR codes. Generate your own code using this all-in-one smart app. Now you can encrypt your data into either QR or bar code whenever you want.

The process of generating code using this app is simple. You will get a range of fields where you have to add information to create a QR code. Additionally, it is a competitive barcode generator app for iPhone.

Here’s how QR and bar code generator for iPhone works:

  • Go to the app
  • The toolbar at the bottom of the app shows the ‘My Codes’ option
  • On tapping on that option, you will be redirected to the My Codes page. Tap on the ‘+’ symbol at the upper left corner of the app
  • This will redirect you to the ‘Create’ page
  • Initially, the toggle button remains on the QR code side. Use the toggle button at the top to switch between QR code and Bar code as per your need
  • Under QR code, you will get a range of fields to create your own custom QR. Simply select a field > add your information > tap on the Create at the top right corner.
  • Your provided data will be automatically encrypted into machine-readable QR.
  • Under the barcode category, you will get a range of bar code formats. Choose the format you need to create your product bar code.

Scan QR and Bar code from an Image on iPhone

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

Not every time you would like to point your camera on a product QR for scanning. The QR scanner app can detect QR straight from an image, just like some of the best document scanner apps with OCR. The QR reader identifies both pictures of a business card or a product photo. These photos can be grabbed from the device storage or can be imported from cloud storage.

Easy Share of Your Scanned Data

Share Your Scanned Data

Next comes the sharing option. This app not only read and generate QR code with iPhone but also embeds an easy data sharing option. When needed, you can conveniently share deciphered data. The app also allows you to share your QR or Barcode information with peers over multiple sharing gateways.

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone: Using In-Built Feature

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

A third-party app is not your cup of tea? Fortunately, iPhone has its own trick on its sleeve. iPhone integrates a default QR and bar code scanner. This process comes with a few limitations. For instance, often, you can get limited or inaccurate data. Moreover, the default function doesn’t let you generate QR or bar code. 

Here’s how to scan a QR code on iPhone using the embedded feature:

  • Open the camera module of the iPhone
  • Point on your lens at the QR or bar code of any product or business card
  • The default function will automatically detect and scan the code
  • A notification will pop-up, giving you the scanned result of the QR or Bar code.


By now, you should have a clear answer on how to scan a QR code on iPhone. However, users may ask why QR Code Reader゜and not any other apps from the App Store? We suggest you read the blog 5 best free QR reader apps for iPhone and judge yourself.

A good QR scanner app definitely saves time. What else saves time is knowing how to send fax from iPhone or quality apps for scanning business cards. Xlightmedia strives to provide users with resourceful content every time. We constantly aim to participate in making our users’ lives easier.

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