How to See All Passwords on iPhone

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How to see all passwords on iPhone

It’s almost impossible to remember all passwords on iPhone for the websites and accounts you have. In this situation, a password management app such as the Passlog – Password Manager app can be of great use. Keep reading to find out how to see all passwords on iPhone using this password manager.

How to see all passwords on iPhone with the Passlog – Password Manager 

A Password manager’s job is to allow you to remember saved passwords on iPhone. Thus, accounts on your iPhone and ensure that they are always safe. The dedicated password security option on iPhone devices can keep your passwords and accounts safe with a few possible caveats. A third-party app like Passlog was created to view passwords on iPhone and keep your iPhone safe.

If you haven’t yet, go to the App Store and download Passlog – Password Manager 

How to see all passwords on iPhone with the password manager app
  • On your iPhone, open Passlog – Password Manager 
  • Next, click on “All Items” to see all labeled sites with saved passwords
  • Click on your desired account
  • Press the show icon to see the saved password

How to see all passwords on iPhone using iCloud Keychain:

How to see all passwords on iPhone using iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is a highly secure password manager that makes saving and auto-filling login credentials a snap (keeping in mind to activate two-factor authentication if you haven’t already). Furthermore, taking a moment to see the stored passwords on your iPhone, on the other hand, provides you even more control and allows you to keep things up to date.

Seeing all saved passwords on an iPhone is straightforward. Follow these steps to finish:

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” app
  • Select “Passwords” from the drop-down menu
  • “Website & App Passwords” should be near the top of the screen. When you tap it, you’ll be asked to confirm whether you want to use Face ID or Touch ID
  • Displayed will be a list of all the websites and applications where you’ve saved passwords, grouped alphabetically on the next screen
  • You’ll now be able to see your username as well as the site’s saved password for the website for which you’re seeking a password.

How to see all passwords on iPhone natively

  • Go to the Settings app
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Passwords & Accounts.”
  • “Passwords for Websites and Apps” will display. To log in, you may be asked to enter your passcode or use Touch ID or Face ID
  • You can view a list of all the passwords you’ve saved on your iPhone. To see the password details, tap the password entry (the login username and password, as well as the URL of the website with which the password is linked).

How to view all passwords on iPhone with the help of Siri

This can be achieved by saying something like, “Hey Siri, reveal my passwords” to Siri which will allow you to see your passwords. You can also ask Siri for the password to a specific app or website if you don’t remember it.


Passwords are something that we take very seriously. With the emergence of countless applications that require an account, Passlog – Password Manager for iPhone has never been easier to manage. As a result, the Passlog – Password Manager app for iPhone is the most practical solution.

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