How to Send Audio Message from iPhone to Android|| 4 Top Methods

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How to Send Audio Message from iPhone to Android

A voice message is considered the quickest way to communicate than a written message. Because you don’t have to go through the lengthy typing process. Besides, it helps express one’s warmth or complex feeling much more easily. However, not all forms of devices have the same way to send voice messages, for example, iPhone. As an iPhone user, if you want to avoid the typing hassle, you must know how to send audio messages from iPhone to Android.

There are different ways to send your audio messages from iPhone to Android. In this case, the Voice Memos app and Bluetooth are the most popular ones. Besides, the ShareIt, and Smart Switch apps are also top-rated methods to send voice messages trouble-free from your iPhone to Android.

3 Crucial Settings to Change Before Sending Audio Message from iPhone to Android

To send audio messages from iPhone to Android, you must change a few settings on your iPhone.  However, this setting is required only when you send your messages through the Voice Memos app. And here’s how-

Enable the Send & Receive option

  • Go to Settings Messages Tap on iMessage to enable it.
  • Then the Send & Receive option will appear. Tap on it and enter the address that you want to use to send or receive iMessages.

Enable the SMS/MMS option

Enable the SMS-MMS option and Enable the Send & Receive option
  • Go to Settings Messages  Tap on the Send as SMS toggle to enable it.
  • Then tap on MMS Messaging to enable.

Change the Expiry option to Never

Change the Expiry Option to Never
  • Go to Settings > Messages and you’ll find the “Audio Message” section.
  • Under this section, you’ll find the “Expire” option.
  • Now, tap on the Expire section and select Never. If this option is already set to Never then there is nothing to change.

NB: Setting the expire option to “Never” means your sent audio messages won’t be disappeared even while the recipient has read them. Or else, the messages will be removed automatically after the set time. Thus, changing this setting is a must-do job while sending voice messages from your iPhone.

How to Send Audio Message from iPhone to Android: 4 Top Ways

All these methods are straightforward for even new users. Also, they will take only minutes to send your audio messages from iPhone to Android. So, let’s check out how to send voice message from iPhone to android-

1.    Voice Memos App

It’s a pre-installed app on the iPhone, so you don’t have to go through any app downloading fuss. What’s more, the Voice Memos requires no signing-up hassle. You can use this app on your iPhone directly.

Send your audio message to any of the Android users through the given steps-

Voice Memos App
  • Click on the Voice Memos app in your iPhone user interface. A red colored recording button will be visible on the screen. Once you tap on the button, your audio will start recording right away. However, for first-time users, tap on Continue and a question will appear “Allow Voice MMS to use your location?”. Click on the “Allow While Using App” option
  • Once you’re done recording your audio, tap on the “Stop” option. The recording will be saved automatically. And, you’ll find your recorded memos or audio in the “All Recordings” list.
  • This time your recorded audio message is ready to send. So, click on the voice message you just made a while ago and a meatball bar will appear on the top of the right side. Click on the meatball bar and then on the “Share” option.
  • Tapping on the “Share” button will direct you to the “message” app icon on the screen of your iPhone. Tap on the “Message” icon and then an option will appear to enter the Android number. So, enter the number/ tap on the “Contact” list to just get the saved number easily.
  • This time click on the “Send” option that is visible at the bottom of the right side. Your audio message will be sent successfully from your iPhone to your Android user

2.   Smart Switch Mobile App

The Smart Switch Mobile app is one of the smartest ways to send your voice message from iPhone to Android. It is a file transfer app designed by Samsung to transfer files and data between different phones.

This app supports both wired and wireless modems for transferring data between phones. For wireless method, both phones need to be connected in the same WiFi network and for the wired method you need to pair both phones with a USB cable.

For this method to work you need to download and install the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app on your iPhone and Android phone. Also, the app is completely free.

To send a voice message using this app, go through the following simple steps-

  • First, download the app on both the iPhone and Android phones.
  • Next, connect your iPhone and Android phone.  For wireless connection make sure both phones are connected in the same WiFi network. And for wired connection use a USB cable. Also, depending upon the cable you use you also might need an adapter.  
  • Then select your iPhone as a “Source” device and the Android as a “Destination” device in the app.
  • Choose the audio file in your iPhone that you want to send to the Android
  • Finally, tap on “Start” and your audio message will be transferred successfully from your iPhone to your Android phone.

NB: The Smart Switch app is a fast to way to transfer audio messages from your iPhone to Android phone. This app is really helpful if you intend to transfer quite a lot of voice messages from your iPhone to Android at any given time.

However, the main downside for this method is the range. If you are using the wired method then both phones needs to be literally joined together with a cable. And if you opt for the wireless method then both phones need to be connected in the same WiFi network. This means both sender and receiver phones should be close to each other for it work.

3.   Bluetooth

Sending audio messages from your iPhone to Android through the Voice Memos or Smart Switch app is already trouble-free. Still, if you find it tough to go through, here’s the next option that comes with Bluetooth and it’s a complete wireless option. Here’s what to do with your iPhone Bluetooth application-

  • Ensure the Bluetooth is enabled in your iPhone as well as in the recipient’s Android phone
  • Open the audio message you want to send
  • Once you opened the message, you’ll get the “Share” option at the bottom. This will show different options to send your audio message through. Since you need to send using the Bluetooth option, tap on Bluetooth
  • It will show the name of different devices that are activated with Bluetooth right now. So, select the Android name that you want to send the audio message. And the message will be transferred automatically
  • At this stage, you’ll have to wait until getting the notification of transfer completion. Once the file is sent successfully, you’re done

NB: Select the Android name carefully because it appears with many other names on the list. If you tap on other names mistakenly, your message will go to someone else. Also, you need to within the Bluetooth range of your respective devices for this to work.

4.   SHAREit

When you need an option that works faster compared to Bluetooth, go for SHAREit cross-platform. It’s another smart way to send your audio message from iPhone to Android.

Like Smart Switch, SHAREit is also a wireless file-sharing app. In terms of its highly secured protocol, sending voice messages from iPhone to Android will come full of data protection.

Here’s how to send audio message from iPhone to Android-

SHAREit 01
  • Download SHAREit on your iPhone and Android phone
  • Make sure both the devices iPhone and Android are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Once you tap on SHAREit, it will ask you to give permission. At this time, tap on “Continue” on both the iPhone and Android.
  • Now on your iPhone, you’ll have to select the file and tap on Share.
  • Then select SHAREit app from the share menu.
how to send audio message from iPhone to Android-
  • After that, the SHAREit app will scan for any nearby devices with their own SHAREit turned on.
  • The Android phone needs to tap on Receive on SHAREit.
  • Then the icon for the Android phone will appear on the iPhone’s SHAREit
how to send audio message from iPhone to Android-
  • Tap on the icon for the Android phone. Then you might have to scan a QR code from the Android to let it join with your iPhone
  • Once that is done, the audio message will then quickly transfer to your Android phone.

Which Methods to Choose while Sending Audio Messages from iPhone to Android

All these methods are highly reliable and secure ways ever. Trying any of them will be the top-notch option for sending audio messages from iPhone to Android.

However, you must consider your situation and the time you have in your hands before selecting a method. For instance, if you want the quickest way to send an audio message, try the SHAREit, Smart Switch Mobile or Voice Memos App. And Bluetooth is the most reliable method and most phones support this method to transfer files. However, they are relatively slower than the other methods.

But if it is the range you want. For instance, the phones are not anywhere near to each other. In that case, you can use the method involving the Voice Memos app. For other methods, you need both phones to be in close proximity of each other.

Why Can’t I Send a Voice Message on iPhone to Android?

There are some crucial factors to consider while sending your voice messages from your iPhone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send the message.

First, you must ensure the microphone of your iPhone is functioning properly. Your audio message will never transfer unless the microphone is working.

  • Solution: Check out the microphone whether it’s out of order. If so, replace a new one. Or take it to an expert to detect the issues unless you want to invest in the new one. If the problem is repairable, you don’t have to replace it.

Second, if your iPhone has not enough space in its internal data storage, it won’t be able to send the message.

  • Solution:  In this case, deleting some unnecessary files will create more space.

Third, your voice message won’t be sent if you use iMessage to send it to an Android phone as they don’t have iMessage.

  • Solution: If you send a voice message from your iPhone to an Android phone then it will be sent as a SMS or MMS. But if the attempt fails, then you haven’t enabled the SMS or MMS messaging feature on your iPhone. We’ve shared the steps for enabling this feature in the beginning of this article.


Lots of methods are there to use for iPhone audio message recording and sending to Android. But not all of them are secured to transfer your audio files. Considering the security purpose, we have shared the most secure ones.

You’ll be no more confused about how to send audio message from iPhone to Android once you try them. Check out which one fits you the most before applying. Consider your timing, network availability, and the way you feel comfortable.

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