How to Set Wallpapers on iPhone

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How to set wallpapers on iPhone


Want to learn how to set wallpaper on iPhone? Chances are you already know how to do that. But the thing you might want to learn is from where you can get unique wallpapers. Before going through all the wallpaper options, you need to know that iPhone default wallpapers are available on your device.

Each iOS update brings different types of wallpapers. The downside is that most iPhone users will already use those wallpapers, and if you want to give your iPhone a unique look, you have to rely on a third-party app or online sources.

This blog post will guide you on how to set wallpapers on iPhone and which wallpaper app is suitable for your iPhone device. First, you will learn about a third-party app called Live Wallpaper 3D. It’s free to install the app on the App Store and one of the best wallpaper apps on the market.

Discover a wealth of wallpapers with the Live Wallpaper 3D to instantly change the look of your iPhone. Download the app for free from the App Store and explore stunning HD-quality backdrops.

How to set wallpapers on iPhone via Live Wallpaper 3D 

As soon as you install and launch Live Wallpaper 3D on your iPhone, you will discover the rich collection of wallpaper in this app. The app delivers beautiful popular iPhone wallpaper in 4k and mesmerizing live wallpapers. You can also turn any videos on your phone into a live wallpaper. The process to do that is very easy, and it is no surprise why this app is also considered one of the best live wallpaper maker apps on the App Store. Now, let’s see how you can set wallpaper on iPhone from Live Wallpaper 3D.

Steps on how to set wallpapers on iPhone using Live Wallpaper:

Steps on how to change your wallpapers on iPhone using Live Wallpaper 3D
  • Download and launch Live Wallpaper 3D from App Store
  • In the Explore menu, you will see different categories of wallpaper
  • Choose any wallpaper from there and tap on the download button to save it
  • Find your downloaded wallpaper in the Photos app and set it as your new wallpaper

The process is the same for the live wallpaper section. Chose any live wallpaper, save it, and set it from the Photos app. If you make your custom live wallpaper from the app, select the video, trim it according to your preference, and tap on the Create Live Wallpaper button. In the Maker menu, you will find the custom live wallpaper. Tap on the download button to save it on the Photos app, from where you can set it as your device live wallpaper. If you want to learn further information on live wallpapers, check this blog post – How to Get a Live Wallpaper on iPhone.

List of key features that you get with Live Wallpaper 3D

  • A massive collection of HD and high resolution 4K iPhone wallpapers
  • Animated LIVE wallpapers to bring your iPhone screen to life
  • Preview option before applying wallpaper
  • Every week, you’ll receive auto-updates of trendy wallpapers.
  • All wallpapers are organized into categories for easy searching.
  • It includes lock screen savers as well as themes.
  • Ability to choose and save your favorite wallpapers in the app.

How to set wallpapers on iPhone from Settings 

The default way of changing the wallpaper is from the settings menu. If you are fond of native wallpaper from Apple, it is suitable to change the lock screen or wallpaper using those. In every iOS update, Apple introduces different sets of wallpapers. Although every iPhone user frequently uses these wallpapers, they come in different tones and styles.

Steps by step guide for changing wallpapers on iPhone from Settings:

  • Go to Settings and tap Wallpaper
  • Tap on Choose a New Wallpaper
  • You can choose to make wallpaper darker by tapping on Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper button
  • Choose any image from the three different sets of categories or choose any picture of yours from the device storage
  • You can drag the image or pinch to zoom to find the proper position for your screen
  • You have the option to enable Perspective Zoom for your wallpaper, which makes your wallpaper move when you tilt your iPhone
  • After you adjusted the wallpaper, tap Set to finish the process


The excellent display of your iPhone makes it a perfect candidate for experimenting with different types of wallpapers. All you need is a source to find HD-quality wallpapers and live backgrounds for iPhone. The default iPhone wallpapers are suitable for regular users. Additionally, the ones from the Live Wallpaper 3D app can satisfy any iPhone users who love to have an amazing wallpaper of their own.

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