How to Shorten a Video on iPhone

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How to shorten a video on iPhone

Videos we capture on our iPhone are often too long in length. To personalize your recordings, consider editing your video and adding voiceovers. A video is a powerful medium that words can never fully justify. Simply read this post to learn how to shorten a video on iPhone.

How to shorten a video on iPhone using the Video Editor app

Nowadays, finding a good video editing app from the hundreds on the App Store can become challenging due to an overwhelming amount of such apps available. On the bright side, the Video Editor app comes to the rescue.

Although some enjoy recording movies or storing instructional or amusing videos, many iPhone users may find the lack of capacity a problem. One example is cutting or shortening a video.

How to shorten a video on iPhone using the Video Editor app

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Open the Video Editor app
  • To select your recordings, go to the Gallery or Videos
  • To make a new video, tap on Camera
  • The video editing screen displays once you have your footage
  • The trimmer part displays when you tap on the video timeline section
  • In order to trim off portions from the beginning and finish of your clip, use the slider
  • Located in the top-right corner of the screen, press the Tick mark symbol
  • Finally, hit the Upload sign to save
  • Share your video

How to shorten a video via native apps on iPhone

How to shorten a video via native apps on iPhone

Suppose you are like many, who have videos that are too lengthy for Mail or Messages to handle, or maybe you only want to show a portion of a film to your relatives and friends. In that case, your iPhone does offer some help. Use the Photos app to modify the start and finish times to make your video shorter.

You can actually modify the duration of your recording or slow it down directly from your iPhone using the Photos app.

Here’s how this is done:

  • To edit a video, open the Photos app and tap the video you want to modify
  • Select Edit
  • To adjust the start and stop times, move the sliders on both sides of the video timeline
  • Hit the play button to display a preview of your cropped video
  • Tap Done, then Save Video or Save Video as New Clip to save the video
  • Only the reduced version of the video is saved when you store it
  • Save as New Clip preserves the original while saving a trimmed version to your library.

How to shorten a video on iPhone using iMovie

How to shorten a video on iPhone using iMovie
  • On your iPhone, open the iMovie app and tap Create Project, followed by Movie
  • Select the video you wish to compress and click Create Movie
  • The timeline will now display your video. Set the video’s beginning position and click the bottom-right “Split” button
  • Then, choose the part you want to delete by using the Delete button. The same procedure should be used for the video’s final position
  • On the top-left, select Done
  • Finally, from the pop-up box, hit Save Video and choose the output quality

The wrap up

Whether for personal use or even professional purposes, editing videos is a must for most. With our mentioned techniques on shortening a video on iPhone, your videos will become more personalized and presentable than ever.

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