How to Speed Up Video on iPhone

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It often gets necessary to adjust and tweak any video you have recorded with your iPhone. One mass used video tweaking function is speeding up a video that’s too slow for publishing. However, video editing is somewhat tricky.

You have to have optimum knowledge and software to alter videos. Video speeding falls under the editing task. So, we have come up with an easy solution for your query; how to speed up video on iPhone.

Introducing Screen Recorder for iPhone. An all-in-one video capturing, reaction, audio commentary adding, and editing app for iPhone. It is a multi-purpose app that acts on videos you have from multiple video streaming sources.

How to Speed Up Video on iPhone

Screen Recorder for iPhone is a fantastic iOS application that works best for screen recording and adding face cam reactions. The application adds audio commentary and brings up fine-tuning of recorded videos. It is the app’s integrated video tuning function that does the magic of pacing up a video.

Simply follow the speed icon that comes in the video editing function of the app. This feature not only has a video speed accelerating option but can also put a video in slow-mo. So, now you can edit video without actually using some of the best video editing apps on the App Store.

Video Editor Functions of Screen Recorder for iPhone

Screen Recorder for iPhone has full-fledged video configuring functions. Starting with video trimming, volume adjusting, adding filters and stickers. But the one we want to focus on is its video speed controlling feature.

Process of speeding up a video using the app

You will get a video editor option when you have opened a video clip on this app. Upon tapping the video editor option, situated next to Facecam and Commentary, you will enter the editor module. Here you will get a plethora of functions ready to fine-tune your video.

Right between the Volume and Filter icons, you will get the Speed option. Tapping on the speed icon will give you a different speed adjustment menu. You can slow down your selected video up to 0.25 times the regular and speed-up up to 1.5 times. With this, you can boost up the Speed of the video quickly.

How to speed up video on iPhone- -Brief processes

To make things even easier to grab, we have shortened the description into brief steps below:

  • Launch the Screen Recorder for iPhone
  • Select a video from My Recordings
  • The video playing interface will give you three functions: Video Editor, Facecam, Commentary
  • Tap on the Video Editor option
  • You will get multiple videos editing options, including the Speed adjustment function
  • Tap on Speed, and the following interface will give you a speed adjustment menu
  • The default speed stays at the 1.0x speed range. Crank it up to 1.5 times to speed up a video
  • Save and export the edited video at various resolutions that meet your preference.

Other goodies Screen Recorder for iPhone offers

Besides querying how to speed up video on iPhone, do you know that Screen Recorder for iPhone offers other functions? For instance, the base features of this app are screen recording with audio, adding Facecam reaction, and audio commentary.

Therefore, if you already got a saved YouTube or Twitch video, simply add audio commentary and reactions using this application. Moreover, this fantastic app lets you create cool GIFs from a piece of video that you can share with friends. We got a list of functional goodies Screen Recorder for iPhone offers to you besides the video speed-up function.

Features of Screen Recorder for iPhone at a glance

  • Record screen with audio
  • Tweak between video resolution, frame rate, and bit rates
  • Create mobile gameplay recordings or video tutorials, or any other video with ease
  • Record your reaction using the face cam using your iPhone
  • React to any videos from YouTube, Twitch, or any other video streaming sites
  • Add voice commentary to any video using this application
  • A full-fledged video editor contains video resizing, audio tuning, Speed controlling, filter, and sticker adding tools.
  • You can create GIFs straight from a piece of video
  • A convenient video management facility
  • Share recordings and final video contents through various integrated online social platforms.


Now, you do not have to look for high-end or complicated video editors that demand days and weeks to grasp their functions. The answer to how to speed up video on iPhone has a much linear solution; Screen Recorder for iPhone.

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