How to Take a 3D Photo on iPhone

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How to take a 3D photo on iPhone

3D photos are usually multi-dimensional images that give a real depth and shape perspective. You can see an image from many different perspectives when using 3D photos. In such images, objects and people are shown in a manner that is more accurate to their actual appearance. These multi-dimensional images can be taken using a variety of apps. Here, we will guide you on how to take a 3D photo on iPhone.

How to take a 3D photo on iPhone 12 and later models

If you are wondering how to take 3d photo iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, this part will be helpful for you. To capture precise 3D images and edit photos on iPhone, Apple introduced the LiDAR sensor on their iOS-operated devices since the iPhone 12. LiDAR is essentially a distance-measuring system. It sends a brief laser pulse and checks how long it takes to detect the reflected (back-scattered) pulse. Then the system calculates the distance between two points from the information gathered with the sensor. Therefore, when you have an iPhone model with LiDAR sensor, it will take 3D images with more precision and accuracy. For your convenience, here we tried and listed some of the best LiDAR-supported apps:

  1. Polycam
  2. Scaniverse
  3. Canvas: LiDAR 3D Measurements.

Steps to take a 3D photo on iPhone with Polycam

how to take a 3d photo on iPhone 12 with Polycam 01
  • Install and open the Polycam app on your iPhone.
  • Next, select LiDAR mode and click on the + icon. You will see the object on your screen.
  • Then, tap the red button to start scanning. You have to try to get rid of as many blue areas as possible for a good scan.
how to take a 3d photo on iPhone 12 with Polycam 02
  • After finishing the scan, click the red button again and select the process state.
  • Finally, after processing, you will have a complete 3D scan which you can save as a file and share.

Steps to take 3D images with Scaniverse

how to make 3D photos on iPhone with Scaniverse 01
  • Install and open Scaniverse from the App Store.
  • Then, you will have to set the range from the Range button and tap on the red button to start scanning.
  • Next, scan the scene from many different angles. Try to reduce the red and white striped areas by scanning as much area as possible for an accurate result.
how to make 3D photos on iPhone with Scaniverse 02
  • After scanning all sides of the object, press the shutter button again to stop scanning.
  • Then select the processing mode, and tap Save afterward.

Steps to create 3D pictures with Canvas

how to take 3D photo on iPhone with Canvas
  • Download the Canvas app on your iPhone.
  • Open the app, tap onthe + icon and add a new Home.
  • Next, click the red button to start scanning and follow the direction mark on the screen.
  • Finally, after finishing your scan, tap on the red shutter button again to close and save it.

How to take a 3D photo on iPhone 11 and previous models

Typical photographs usually lack depth and dimension. 3D pictures on iPhone add dimension to the photographs and create amazing images that look like they were taken in the actual world. iPhone models before iPhone 12 lacked the LiDAR sensor required for depth and dimension sense. So, those models required third-party apps to mitigate that requirement.

Here we will provide insight into some of the best methods for capturing 3D images with the iPhone. From our experience, we find the best 3D photo apps for iPhone that don’t require LiDAR sensors are these:

  1. WIDAR – 3D Scan & Edit
  2. 3D Photo – stereo image maker
  3. Parallax: 3D Photo Editor

These apps don’t require any extra LiDAR sensor to work. Still, you can rapidly generate dimensionally accurate 3D scans with them.

Steps on how to make a 3D Photo with WIDAR

how to create 3D photo on iPhone with WIDAR
  • Install and open WIDAR on your iPhone.
  • Next, tap the video icon for automatic capture or the camera icon for manual capture of a subject. Click on the red shutter icon after selecting.
  • Then, after taking the images, click on the Preview icon from the downright corner.
  • After that, select the best shots of angle and select Upload pictures.
  • Finally, after uploading and processing, the 3D photo will be ready to download.

Go after the Steps to take 3D Photos on iPhone – stereo image maker

how to take a 3d photo on iPhone with 3D Photo stereo image maker
  • Download and open the 3D Photo app on your iPhone.
  • Next, press the shutter button and take a picture of the object from the left and right perspectives.
  • After that, align both pictures and tap Done.
  • Finally, select View Mode and tap Export or Save.

Follow the Steps to make 3D photos with Parallax: 3D Photo Editor

How to use iPhone to take 3d photo with Parallax app 01
  • Install Parallax from the App Store and open it.
  • Next, tap the + icon and select 3D Camera.
How to use iPhone to take 3d photo with Parallax app 02
  • Then, click on the shutter icon and move your phone around the object.
  • Finally, tap on the Save icon and select Done.


Here we have provided a detailed answer on how to take a 3d photo on iPhone 11 and 12 or later models. These apps are handy if you are trying to find out how to take 3d photos on iPhone without Facebook.

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