How to Take Burst Photos on iPhone 12 & 13

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how to take burst photos on iPhone 12 & 13

Have you faced difficulties in capturing moving objects? Do your hands tremble when you try to take a picture? If these issues bother you, learn how to take burst photos on iPhone 12, 13, or any other lineup. As the upgraded features of the iPhone camera have various unique capabilities, it will improve your photography skills.

Consequently, iPhone offers burst mode for taking photos, enabling you to snap many shots in less than a second. Now, let’s go through how to take multiple pictures on iPhone.

Learn how to take burst photos on iPhone 12 & 13

Understandably, it might be challenging to capture speedy objects on camera. However, we provide you with a straightforward method to ensure that you never miss a breathtaking moment when capturing an exceptional picture. The method is the iPhone Photo Burst mode. Furthermore, you may edit pictures after you shoot them in burst mode at your convenience to demonstrate your photographic talent.

For your information, taking burst photos on any iPhone requires the same set of steps. You won’t even have to be an expert to take breathtaking pictures with the camera on your iPhone.

Whether it’s the landscape or portrait mode, you can activate the camera’s burst mode by swiping the shutter button in a fluid motion. Let’s explore how to take burst photos on iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, as well as other models.

Process on how to take burst photos on your iPhone

how to take burst photos on your iPhone
  • Launch the camera on your iPhone.
  • Swipe the shutter button to the left. If you’re on landscape mode, swipe it down instead.
  • Hold down the Shutter button. The counter displays the number of shots you’ve captured.
  • Now, stop by lifting your finger.
how to take burst photos on your iPhone 02
  • Tap the Burst Preview thumbnail, then press Select to choose favorites.
  • A gray circle indicates the suggested photographs to save beneath the thumbnails.
  • Mark the circle in the lower-right corner of each shot to save it as a separate image.
  • Finally, tap Done.

How to take burst photos on iPhone XR

First, go to the camera app on your iPhone XR and swipe the shutter button left. Now, hold the shutter down. A counter will show how many shots you’ve taken on the screen. Next, release the finger to stop the capture count. Finally, Tap the thumbnail to select the burst photo.

How to take burst photos on iPhone 11

  • Open the camera and swipe the shutter to the left.
  • Hold down the shutter button until you are done.
  • Finally, release the shutter and find the burst photos from the preview button.

How to take burst photos on iPhone 13

The process of how to take burst photos on the iPhone 13 is similar to other models. First, open the camera on your iPhone. Then drag the shutter to the left in order to use the burst mode, and release the button when you are done. Keeping your finger on the shutter button will capture multiple photographs within a second.

How to see burst photos on iPhone

First, launch the Photos app. Then tap on the “Albums” at the bottom. Now, scroll down to the bottom and press “Bursts” from the Media Types section. There, you can see burst photos on your iPhone.

Concluding remarks

Taking multiple shots in burst mode does not require any advanced skill. Therefore, you can easily capture a set of breathtaking photos within seconds.

We hope this article helps you to find your query on how to take burst photos on iPhone 12 and 13. Read more on how to resize an image and the best photo collage apps for iPhone for a better photographic experience.

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