How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

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How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

Safe search ensures a safe net browsing experience for users of any age. It also ensures that the user does not encounter any kind of violent or carnage acts on the internet while browsing that might affect their mental health later on.

But sometimes the users need to turn off the safe search features for their purpose of work as SafeSearch sometimes restricts some useful contents as well identifying them as harmful. The user does not find exactly what they are looking for in that case. So they search for “How to turn off safe search on iPhone?” or might think that what is a safe search on an iPhone?

Well, as most iPhone users use Safari as their default browser and others go for Google Chrome on their iPhones, they can quickly turn this SafeSearch feature off from the settings.

Turning off the Safari safe search process follows a different method than Google Chrome. You need to go to the settings of the iPhone in the case of the Safari browser, and in the case of Google Chrome, you can easily find the turning off feature of SafeSearch from the Chrome settings.

But these are not all. You need to know the exact steps to turn off the safe search on your iPhone.

So without delaying any further, let us get into the topic now.

What is SafeSearch on an iPhone?

Safe search is a feature built into search engines of iPhones or other browsers also to restrict explicit or violent content. The restrictions include violence, nudity, adult content, and different kinds of ferocity.

Safe search blocks or blurs adult or violent content for its users as the contents might be sensitive to the user because the user might be underage or delicate on these topics.

How to turn off safe search on iPhone?

How to turn off safe search on iPhone

You might be wondering where to search for a safe search on an iPhone because you will not see it in the first place. What you can do, is discussed hereby:

How to turn off SafeSearch on Safari?

As most iPhone users go for the Safari browser as their default one, so let us find out how to disable safe search on the Safari browsers:

  1. First, open the Settings App of your iPhone
  2. Go to the Screen Time
  3. Then press on Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Put your screen time password if you have set any; otherwise, skip this step
  5. Now turn on the Content & Privacy Restrictions
  6. Then tap on the Content Restrictions
How to turn off safe search on iPhone 02
  1. Then look for Web Content
  2. Tap on it and you will be given 3 options
  3. Tap on the Unrestricted Access

So, in a simplified step, you need to go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content > Unrestricted Access.

How to turn Google Chrome SafeSearch off?

Most people use Google as their default search engine as it is the most popular one. So the method of disabling Google safe search on iPhone is:

How to turn Google Chrome SafeSearch off
  1. First, go to the Google Homepage
  2. Then tap on the 3 dotted lines at the top left corner of your screen
  3. Now tap on the Settings
  4. Then go for the SafeSearch Filters
  5. In the SafeSearch Filter section, you will find 2 options “Show explicit results” and “Hide explicit results.”
  6. Tap on the Show explicit results and turn it on

It is done. So, in a simplified way, you just need to go to Google Homepage > 3 dotted lines > Settings > SafeSearch Filters > Show explicit results.

You can also disable the SafeSearch from quick settings. In this case, go to Quick Settings > Safe Search > Turn off. You will find the quick setting at the top right corner of the searched page.

What is restricted by safe search?

Safe search is designed to block violent and aggressive content. So it blocks any kind of adult, violent content or content containing nudity.

The safe search usually restricts:

  • Nudity
  • Graphic sex acts
  • Sexually explicit contents
  • Violence
  • Contents containing carnage
  • Bloodsheds containing contents
  • Any kind of aggressive materials

Blocking or restricting these kinds of contents makes web searching comfortable and safe for users.

Why turn off SafeSearch?

You must be thinking that if the safe search is so useful for iPhone or other users, then why to turn google safe search off or turn this important feature off for other browsers?

So before knowing how to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone, you need to know why to turn off SafeSearch.

The reasons might be:

  • The safe search sometimes fails to identify violent content and marks contents as violent ones that the searcher intended to search for.
  • Safe search restricts many useful links when the user searches for a topic. The user does not get what they are looking for.
  • The user might be willing to search for those explicit contents, but safe search features are blocking the contents for them.
  • Parents turn this safe search on to protect their kids from vulgar content while surfing the internet.

These are the possible reasons any user would try to turn off their safe search feature.

There are many common questions that we encounter very often. So let us clear up some of your confusion here.

Are there any limitations to SafeSearch?

Yes, there are limitations to SafeSearch. SafeSearch does not show fully accurate search results restricting all types of vulgar or explicit content. Moreover sometimes restricts much useful information identifying them as explicit ones.

Though most of this feature works fine but not all the time. So if you are a parent and relying on this feature while your kids are surfing the net, then do not fully depend on it and be aware of what your kids are searching through on the internet.

Why is my SafeSearch not turning off?

The possible reasons might be:

  • Enabling Parental control might cause this issue. Parental control disabled the authority over SafeSearch.
  • If the iPhone is of any organization then they might disable the authority over safe search for their organization’s security and reputation purpose.
  • Cache memories of the browser might cause this issue. In this case, clear the cache memory or just restart your iPhone.

Is disabling safe search on the iPhone safe?

The only threat you will be encountering is that vulgar or aggressive content might show up for your search commands, which might also be sensitive. That is why turning off the safe search is only recommended for adults. There are no other kinds of threats you will be facing due to disabling safe search on iPhone.


Here at the end, we can say that most often, you will need to turn your Google safe search off on your iPhone. In this case, if you have gone through the whole article, you already know where to find safe search settings on iPhone and how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone.

Disabling the safe search setting in Safari or other browsers is easy to find and described step by step. As the safe search often restricts useful and important content, it is sometimes necessary to turn it off. So it is necessary to know how to turn off SafeSearch as you might fail to find your desired answer if your search engine restricts it considering explicit content.

Hope that now you will be able to access all kinds of information, but also you need to be aware of explicit content.

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