How to Type Exponents on iPhone – A Complete Guide

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How to Type Exponents on iPhone

If you are doing calculations or sending any mathematical problems to anyone through text, then learning to use exponents on iPhone is an essential thing. Now you might be wondering how to type Exponents on iPhone.

Typing exponents on iPhone is not as easy as for Androids as there is no designated key on the iPhone keyboard. But there are some methods like the Caret (^) symbol or text replacement feature and many others to do the work.

There are also some designated functions on the calculator for exponential operations that make the calculation easy.

That is not all that you need to know to type exponents on an iPhone. We are going to discuss everything step by step in this article so that you do not face any difficulties throughout the whole process.

So, without wasting our time, let us get into the topic.

What is Exponent?

Exponent is a mathematical term that refers to the multiplication times of any number. It states how many times a number is going to be multiplied. The number that is going to be multiplied is designated as the base, and the time of multiplication is designated as the power to the base.

For example, if you are going to multiply 5 by 8 times, then you can write that as 58. This indicates that the digit 5 is multiplied by itself 8 times. The meaning of 58 = 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5. Here 5 is referred to as the base, and 8 is referred to as the power. The whole thing is called 5 to the power 8.

The base and the power can be decimal or fractional numbers. They can be both positive and negative.

In simple words, an exponent indicates the times of multiplication of any number by itself. Exponent is also known as power or index.

How to Type Exponents on iPhone?

Sorry to inform you that there is no direct command or designated key in the keyboard to type exponent on iPhone. There is also no designated key for typing subscripts on the iPhone.

But do not get worried. We have the solution to this problem.

There are 3 methods that you can use to enter exponents on the iPhone. The methods are:

  • Use the Caret (^) Symbol from the iPhone keyboard
  • Copy and paste the exponents on iPhone using the superscript format
  • Create an iPhone Text Replacement shortcut for exponents

It demonstrates that there are only 2 methods to type in subscripts and 1 method, which is the Caret (^) symbol that indicates a subscript.

Let us know a bit more about the methods and how to type exponent on the iPhone keyboard by following these methods.

Using the Caret (^) Symbol

This is the quickest and easiest method to type exponents. The typing process is:

  1. At first, type the base number.
  2. Then type the Caret (^) symbol from the iPhone keyboard.
  3. Then type the exponent digit.

That is all. This is the easiest method to type exponents using iPhone keyboards.

Using the Copy & Paste Method

As your iPhone does not have any chosen exponent button in the iPhone keyboard, other methods need to be applied to do the work.

In this case, you can use the copy & paste method to serve the purpose. The process is:

Using the Copy & Paste Method
  1. Go to the web browser on your iPhone
  2. Now you can type the superscript number on the search bar
  3. Choose from various websites from the search result (such as Superscript Generator)
  4. Now type the digit that needs to be in the superscript or the index position
  5. Now copy the result
  6. Then paste where it is needed
  7. The pasted number will be in the superscript form

This is a useful method, but you will need to search multiple times for multiple index values. It is not a time-efficient process. You will need to perform the same process multiple times, which is obviously a time-saving process rather than an annoying one.

So now we are going to suggest the last method, which is quite an efficient way to type exponents on the iPhone keyboard.

Creating an iPhone Text Replacement Shortcut

This is the most efficient and useful process if you are going to use that number as an exponent multiple times. It is because copying each time before using any exponents is time-consuming and frustrating.

What you need is to create a shortcut in your iPhone keyboard that will indicate the exponent form of that saved value. Whenever you are going to type that shortcut from your iPhone keyboard, the system will get the indication to execute that command and will create the exponent form following the command.

This seems very interesting, but you do not know the process yet of how to do exponents on the iPhone keyboard following the process of creating a text replacement shortcut.

Let us get to it now step-by-step:

Creating an iPhone Text Replacement Shortcut 01
  • First, go to the Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Then select Keyboard
  • Now tap on Text Replacement
Creating an iPhone Text Replacement Shortcut 02
  • You will see a “+” icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on the “+” icon.
  • Then tap on the Phrase field and type the exponential form
  • Then select the Shortcut field and type the shortcut form that you want to replace the exponential form with.
  • After that, tap on the Save button from the top-right corner to save the command

So, the path is Setting> General > Keyboard > Text Replacement> “+” icon > Phrase field > Shortcut field > Save.

You can follow this process to save the command on your iPhone keyboard. Now it is my turn to implement it on the field.

Now we are going to find out the step-by-step procedure on how to get exponent on the keyboard using the text replacement command:

  1. At first type the base number
  2. Then type the shortcut command that you have saved
  3. Then press on the Space button to bring on the exponential form that was set previously
  4. If the space between the base number and the exponent number is bothering you, then press and hold the space button
  5. Then move the cursor to the left and
  6. Tap on the backspace to remove the space.

All is set now. This is the most efficient way to use exponents on an iPhone.

You can save multiple commands of the exponential form of multiple numbers through this process. Following this method will certainly save you time.

Following all of the methods, you can also superscript text messages on the iPhone. The steps are all the same.

How to Type Exponents on iPhone Calculator?

Exponent is a scientific term that is used for processing calculations with ease and understanding the whole thing easily. That is why the use of exponentials in calculators is the most important.

Now you might be thinking about how to use exponents on an iPhone calculator.

Well, this time, you do not need to work as hard as before to subscript any digit. There is a designated exponent button on the iPhone calculator to perform the task.

You simply need to follow a few simple steps to bring up the button in front of you.

But before knowing how to bring up the exponent key on the calculator in front, you need to unlock the screen rotation lock. To unlock the rotation lock, do this:

How to Type Exponents on iPhone Calculator
  • Swipe up the screen from the bottom end
  • There you will find a Rotation Lock icon
  • If the icon is already red, that means the screen rotation is locked
Turning off Portrait Orientation Lock
  • Tap on the icon, and the rotation lock will be gone
  • A text will appear “Portrait Orientation Lock: Off

There are 2 methods to perform the task:

  • Using the xy method
  • Using the EE function

Using the xy method

Your iPhone’s Portrait Orientation Lock is turned off. Now you can see the exponential button on the calculator. Do this:

  1. Open the Calculator App
  2. Rotate your iPhone to the landscape orientation
  3. Rotating the screen will activate the scientific mode of the calculator
  4. Now you will see x2, x3, and xy buttons which are specially designed for exponential purpose
  5. The x2 indicates that the base will be multiplied 2 times by itself, x3 indicates that the base will be multiplied 3 times by itself and xy indicates that the base will be multiplied y times (you can enter the times of multiplication) by itself.
  6. All you need to do is first enter the base digit in the calculator
  7. Then tap on any of the exponential functions (x2, x3, and xy)
  8. The type digit that is going to the index position
  9. If the exponential digit crosses 3, then you can:
    1. Enter the base digit
    1. Tap on the xy button
    1. Then enter how many times you want to multiply the base digit by yourself
  10. Tap on the equal (=) button
  11. There is your exponential form in the calculator

So, in a simple way, enter the Calculator app > Rotate the screen > Type base digit > Select exponential functions (x2, x3, and xy) > type the index digit > Tap equal (=).

Using the EE Function

This is another method for exponential calculations but it only applies when the base is 10.

If you want to type 3×108 then this method is for you.

Now let us know the steps in the iPhone Calculator:

  1. Open the Calculator app
  2. Rotate the screen
  3. Type the base digit
  4. Tap on the “EE” function
  5. Type the index digit
  6. Tap the equal (=) sign

That is all you need to do when you need to use a format like 3×108.

So, the path is Calculator > Rotate Screen > Enter base digit > “EE” function > Enter index digit > equal (=) sign.

How to do negative exponents on your iPhone calculator?

Doing negative exponents on an iPhone calculator is very easy. The processes are all the same as before. You just need to put a negative (-) sign before the index digit.

You can use any of the methods listed above. You can use:

  • xy method or,
  • EE Function

If you are going to use that in the text, then:

  • Use the Caret (^) Symbol from the iPhone keyboard or,
  • Copy and paste the exponents on iPhone using the superscript format or,
  • Create an iPhone Text Replacement shortcut for exponents

You can follow any of these, just add a negative (-) sign before entering the index number.


At the end of our journey, we discussed every possible method on how to type exponents on the iPhone. We have discussed the ways to do exponent on an iPhone calculator and the keyboard shortcut for exponents also.

The processes are very easy to remember. You can follow any of the methods which seem to be more convenient to you.

We will appreciate any kind of queries or suggestions on this topic. Do not hesitate to send one.

Hope that you have learned how to type exponents on iPhone properly and enjoy doing the calculations using exponential functions.

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