How to Upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone in 2023

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How to Upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone in 2022

Do you want to know how to upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place. Apple created the iMovie app to assist you in editing your videos with best quality outcome using your Apple devices.

In this informative post we will share with you how to edit and share your iMovie video to YouTube from your iPhone.

Learn how to upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone

When you’re through editing your video, you might want to upload it to YouTube and share it with everyone. However, you will no longer find the YouTube app in the iMovie app’s share option. So, you cannot directly upload your iMovie videos to YouTube.

In any case, there are a few easy procedures for uploading videos on YouTube. Once you have edited your video, you need to save it on your iPhone Photos library and then publish it to your YouTube channel using the app.

Check out the steps below for more details.

Step 1: How to edit a video using iMovie

how to edit youtube videos on iMovie
  • Go to iMovie app on your iPhone.
  • Go to Projects Browser in the iMovie.
  • Select Start New Project
  • Choose Movie
  • Now, select the video
  • Edit the video as you wish (add filters/themes, background music/voice, modify the length, aspect ratio, etc.)
  • Once you have made your changes, tap Done

Step 2: How to download or export the video from iMovie

how to export iMovie to youtube

Now, you need to download your iMovie video on your iPhone. So, after you have pressed Done in the previous section, you need to tap on the Share icon. Next, scroll down and tap on the Save Video option from the share menu. Your iMovie video will then be exported to your iPhone Photos library.

Step 3: How to upload the video to YouTube.

The final step is to upload your iMovie video from your iPhone Photos library to YouTube using the YouTube app. However, before you proceed with that, you need to make sure that you have a YouTube channel. Here are the instructions for using the YouTube app to post your video from your iPhone.

how to upload to youtube from iMovie
  • Open your YouTube app & sign in to your account
  • Press on the Plus (+) option at the bottom
  • Select Upload a video
  • Now, select the video that you exported from iMovie
how to upload to youtube from iMovie
  • Crop or trim the video (if required) and then tap on Next
  • After that, add details such as Title, description, etc., then tap on Next
  • Then select your audience, whether the video is made for kids or not.
  • Once you have done that, tap on Upload Video

Why can’t I upload my iMovie to YouTube?

There are a various reasons why you cannot upload your iMovie video to YouTube. One of the main reasons is that you cannot upload your iMovie videos directly to YouTube. You’ll no longer find the YouTube app on iMovie’s share option.

For some reason, the partnership between Apple and YouTube that has allowed it to happen no longer exists. So, the alternative would be to save your iMovie on your iPhone library and then upload it via the YouTube app.

In addition, there are a couple of other reasons why your iMovie video cannot be uploaded to YouTube. And they are:

  • Your video is longer than 15 minutes. If your YouTube channel is not verified, you cannot post videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • Your iMovie video format not supported by YouTube. The iMovie and YouTube have overlapping supporting formats. You need to convert the incompatible format (M4V) to one that YouTube supports.

How to upload to YouTube from iMovie?

You cannot directly upload from iMovie to YouTube. You won’t find the YouTube app icon when you select the Share option from iMovie on your iPhone. However, you can upload the video indirectly.

For this, you need to save the video on your iPhone Photos library from the iMovie. After that, upload the video to your YouTube channel account from your iPhone’s YouTube app.

So, launch the YouTube app > press the Plus + button > Select Upload a video. After that, follow the uploading instructions.

Wrap up

You should be aware that Apple has disabled the “direct upload to YouTube” feature. This is as a result of this feature’s unreliability. As a result, the iMovie app does not allow direct YouTube uploads. The procedure is nevertheless simple.

We’ve covered how to upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone or iPad in this article. Also, read our other guides on adding music to video on iPhone with iMovie app or making a YouTube reaction video on iPhone.

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