How to Lock Pictures on iPhone

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How to Lock Pictures on iPhone

Before we start

Let’s face it; everyone takes pictures on their iPhone. So, the question must be asked, how to lock pictures on iPhone? We require a secure and private location in our iPhone to store private images and important files. Now, there is a fantastic app called Photo Vault – Private Pic for iPhone. You can get it now on the App Store.

Let’s find out how to lock pictures on iPhone

Sure, Apple now offers some sort of a way to hide your private pictures using the default photos app. But, all it really does is effectively transfer the photo or video you choose into private photo albums within the same photos app.

This is only useful for photos you want to retain but don’t want to view every time you open your Camera Roll. Therefore, this particular hidden images album is located in the same location for almost anyone you give access to your iPhone to view.

Go ahead and download Photo Vault – Private Pic from the App Store for free.

Download to lock pictures on iPhone

How to lock pictures on iPhone using the Photo Safe Vault app:

Step 1: Create a new folder to add photos

Add pictures to lock on iPhone

Tap the Plus (+) button below on the app. To conceal photos on the iPhone, simply create a folder and add secret images and videos. Create as many folders as you need, depending on your needs.

Step 2: Import personal photos from cloud services  

Import pictures to lock on new folder

Tap the Cloud icon to import photos and videos from cloud-based services of choice. Furthermore, you can add to your new secret folder by directly importing files from cloud storage.

Step 3: Add photos from iPhone gallery          

Add photos from iPhone gallery

To add photographs and movies from the storage device, press the image icon on the left side. Pick a photo album and hidden camera videos you want to include in the folder. Then, tap the Import Items button once you’ve finished selecting the contents.

Step 4: Lock and configure folders           

Lock and configure folders

To begin editing a folder’s properties, tap on the right section of the folder. Add a Cover Photo to the folder or rename it as you wish. And finally, press the Album Lock to lock the hidden folder.

Tips to safeguard your device after learning how to lock pictures on iPhone 

Tips to learn before locking photos on iPhone
  • If you must leave your phone unattended, make sure it’s locked utilizing a passcode that only you know.
  • It’s critical to guarantee that others can’t simply unlock your phone, especially if you keep private photographs in the Photos app’s normal “Hidden” category. To protect it, go to Settings > Face ID, and Passcode (or Settings > Touch ID and Passcode for earlier devices and iPad) and add a passcode.
  • It doesn’t hurt to keep your iPhone secure by regularly updating security and privacy settings and adhering to a few fundamental iOS security principles.

Final thoughts

When we spontaneously take pictures, the last thing we usually think about is hiding them from peers. But, after we get back into our senses, we realize that not all photos and videos are for everyone to see. With this photo vault app, hiding photos and videos on your iPhone are equally as straightforward as it is to take them in initially.

There are techniques to hideaway your most desired images with such an app, as well as helping you keep them password-protected and fully encrypted. Wishing this article brings you noteworthy protection and enables you to determine the ideal method for shielding your sensitive media files from a data breach or any pesky hackers.

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