How to Make Music Louder on iPhone

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How to Make Music Louder on iPhone

When pondering how to make music louder on iPhone, one app comes forward with radiant color. We are talking about the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App. It is undoubtedly one of the finest Music equalizer apps ever built for iPhone and iPad that makes the music louder and more pleasant for your ears.

Admit it, when you listen to your favorite song, you don’t like them being merely buzzing around bluntly.  You want them to sound profoundly louder with enough base and boom.

If you need your music to reverberate the surrounding, we got a couple of suggestions in our stash for you. Below we have listed some interesting tips and tricks that can make your music louder on iPhone.

  • Using Equalizer Fx app on your iPhone to make music louder and better
  • Tweaking around with iPhone’s built-in EQ function
  • Toggle off the Reduce Loud Sound feature of your iPhone

Throughout this blog, we will describe those processes listed above, which should resolve your query of making the music louder on your phone

How to Make Music Louder on iPhone: Using Equalizer Fx app

How to Make Music Louder on iPhone_ equalizer Fx

To experience the best out of your favorite music, try the Equalizer Fx app on your iPhone. We got a couple of justifications for using this app to boost your music listening experience.

Firstly, the app doesn’t break your music when making it low. Secondly, when listening to high-frequency music, for instance, hard rock or death Metal, the base booster feature adds an extra stirring to your music.

Another reason why you should install Equalizer is that it offers multiple genres of pre-programmed EQ and a full-fledged EQ tuner. This assists you in enhancing your favorite music to the next level just the way you like.

Steps to follow in Equalizer Fx to make music louder

To get clear and loud music, you have two ways in Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App. You can either add extra bass to upgrade the listening frequency or adjust your music to the right EQ genre in the app. The steps are as follows:

The bass booster to boost up your audio

How to Make Music Louder on iPhone_using bass booster

Open the Equalizer Fx app and play your favorite music from the app. The app smartly grabs all the audio files on your iPhone once it has been installed.

While the music is playing in the app’s background, go to the bass booster module of the application. The process here is simple.

You will get a single tunable bass booster bar that adds up or reduces the bass effect to your music. Swipe up the tuner for a more profound sound and get an extra tremble and louder music experience. Check out our Youtube tutorial video on the Bass Booster feature.

Equalizer modules to amplify your music

Multiple EQ functions to enhance audio

The app offers a full-fledged EQ station for a perfect audio output. You can choose between preset EQ setups or configure and enhance music frequencies all by yourself.

Step- 1
For boosting your music, play the audio track on the app. Go to the equalizer module from the app menu.

Step- 2
Choose between preset EQ or custom configurable seven-band equalizer tuners.

Choose an appropriate pre-programmed EQ genre on your music to unleash the reverberating effect. Can you customize music better than the preset EQ setups? Try the custom EQ. Play with the 7-band sound tuner bars to enhance the music you are playing.

Save the enhanced audio file on your phone storage or on cloud storage.

Boost Music on iPhone: The Built-In EQ Function

Louder music with built in EQ function

Don’t want to download and install a third-party app to boost music? Try iPhone’s own audio EQ. iPhone has several EQ modes to make the best musical experience.

You will get ‘Late Night’ mode among others in the EQ section. Exploit this option to cleverly hack for better sound output, especially apple music. Here’s how you can tun on the built-in EQ feature on your iPhone:

Go to the setting app on your iPhone. You will get a list of options here. Scroll down the list until you find the Music app.

Tap on the Music app, and that will navigate you to the option called the ‘Playback’ section. Right below the Playback, you will find the EQ.

Tap on the EQ, and you will find multiple options. From there, find out the ‘Late Night’ mode. Tap on that mode, and you are done. From here onward, you can enjoy comparatively louder music.

This option can’t give you extensive audio tuning scops or a cleaner music result, just like the best equalizer app for iPhone provides. However, to some extent, it can provide a louder music experience on your iPhone.

A Secret Sound Amplifier Trick on iPhone

boost music on iPhone_ for hands free users

If you like your music hands-free on iPhone, you can hack your way to turn up the volume beyond the default limitation.

It is effective and can give you loud music. However, there’s a limitation of this process. This audio amplifying method works only on headphone mode on your device. Here’s how it works:

Step- 1
First, go to the Settings option of your device and scroll down the list until you find “Sounds & Haptics,” Some iPhone model only shows “Sounds” as the option. Whatever the name is, simply Tap on it.

Tapping on the “Sounds & Haptics” will lead you to further options. Tap on the “Headphone Audio” section from the menu.

Once you have tapped onto the “Headphone Audio” section, you will encounter the “Headphone safety” module. Tap on it as well.

In this section, you will find an option called ‘Reduced Loud Sounds.’ The toggle button of this option remained on as default. Swipe it off.

Now you can enjoy a noticeably louder sound. This is how you can make music louder on your iPhone, but only when listening to music on headphones or earbuds.


When someone asks how to make music louder on iPhone, there can be several solutional responses. However, the most dynamic solution can be installing and using the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App.

This app gives audio configuration control on your hand. Whether adding compelling bass to music or augmenting audio quality with various EQ functions, the Equalizer Fx app offers it all.

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